LandGate Raises $10M in Series B Funding

LandGate Corp., Denver, CO-based marketplace, data provider for commercial and industrial land, including its resources such as solar, wind, minerals and water, raised $10m in Series B funding.

TheNextEra’s subsidiary led the round Energy Resources, LLC, with participation Kimmeridge.

TheThe company plans to use the funds to improve its product portfolio, with a special focus on solutions for financial institutions, and to expand its marketing efforts and sales efforts to increase its market penetration across the country.

LedBy CEO and Co-Founder Yoann Hispa, LandGateThe company provides information, data solutions, as well as an online marketplace for US commercial property and its resources, including solar, wind and carbon, minerals, water, and other related services. TheDevelopers, investors, agents and landowners can use the company’s online marketplace to find everything land-related. Theplatform uses its technology for leads, data, analysis, and web applications to significantly reduce costs, accelerate land transactions, and to increase efficiency.

WithDevelopers, investors, and real-estate professionals can (1) conduct economic engineering studies using its data solutions and web application. in(1) Access land leads, MLS listings, and (3) Manage their leads in minutes inA web-based CRM for land that connects to their team Salesforce.

LandGateA new dashboard has been launched, specifically targeting capital markets users. TheInterface will generate metrics that investors can use to assess the projected performance large energy and resource asset portfolios. This will include projected production, cashflow, and company net assets valuations (NAVs). These values are updated live with new farm activity, electricity pricing data, and other relevant information. TradersInsurers can also compare the future cash flows of renewable energy companies and assess their ability to weather disasters.

InIn addition to accurately valuing and assessing different land uses, inIn seconds, the platform connects developers and investors to leads through its online marketplace. It also offers land-related transactions such as land sales, renewable royalty, carbon offsets, land leases, and land sales.

AsThe first quarter of 2022 LandGateOver $300 million in land resource deals have been facilitated nationwide. This includes transactions for the development and mining of solar, wind, carbon, mineral, mining, electric vehicle (EV), charging, and water resources. ByAt the end the year, more than 60% of all land real estate agents had retired inThe U.S. will continue to use LandGate’s land analytics, which help them transact on energy and environmental deals and access corporate buyers.

WithThe closing of this funding round LandGateA total of $19 Million has been raised inEquity and debt



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