Lewdle word of the day: Daily clues and answer (May 7, 2022)

LewdleIs it a word-guessing game similar to WordleExcept for all of theNo words are suitable for work (NSFW). NotSafe for work TheRules are theSame; you will need to guess a 5-6-7 letter wordWithin six attempts. YouClick on to get a hint thelightbulb, but it won’t get you 1 letter in theRight position

If you want to avoid breaking your streak, but don’t want theHere are some solutions to your immediate problem cluesThat can help you guess. the answer.

The wordIncludes F___OM.

ThinkAbout theLewd words that contain a F thefirst letter, an O theFifth letter andAn M theLast letter. Today’s wordA noun.

ItRefers to the act of domination from a female perspective and it isn’t theFormal term. ItIt is a role-playing activity. andThere are many options. ofRules that have been established theSafety ofAll individuals involved. SafetyIt is common to use words. andIndividuals will have different needs.


  • The Lewdle answerFor May7 is FEMDOM

Lewdle’s example of the wordThe following is how it works:

Short for female dominatrix/domination, describing a woman who dominates a submissive partner in sexual role-play, or theAct ofDomination itself. “Sorry I’m late, last night I went on a date with a woman who turned out to be a total femdom, so I was up all night with a ball gag in my mouth getting my ass cheeks worked over with a meat tenderizer. AnywayLet me show you both the house. It’s a charming mid-century modern that just came on the market, perfect for a young couple looking to start a family…”

HereHere is a list ofPrevious LewdleAnswers for some inspiration for future sentences:

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