Lightly Raises $3M in Seed Funding

Matthias HellerAnd Igor Susmelj

Lightly, Zurich, SwitzerlandA tech startup that allows users build machine learning models. It raised $3M in Seed funding.

TheRound was led by Wingman Ventures.

TheCompany plans to use funds to expand the US and increase headcount. 

Founded in2020 Matthias HellerAnd Igor Susmelj, LightlyMachine learning models can be built quickly by companies using data, which is currently a major bottleneck in AI development. TheData curation tool allows machine learning teams to save time, money, and improve the performance of their models. Today, the company’s platform is used by Fortune500 Startups and Companies inAutonomous driving, robotics and video analytics.

Lightlyis a YCS21 Graduate.



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