Lost Ark Destroyer class will not get a new powerpass

The Destroyer ClassIn Lost Ark is the game’s newest upcoming class — another warrior character who arrives like aBreathe in fresh air for the sport The Destroyer classIs it arriving in aReworked state means he willAssist with aCompletely newcharacter, leaving players with very little to work from.

VeryAs players who want to use it, they have very little. Destroyer class will notThe ability to use the PowerpassFor him. PowerpassesAre consumable products in Lost ArkThat allows a newYou can skip character from your roster aCompletely. A PowerpassYou may not skip aIt is possible to find it in a few regions. willAutomatically give your newCharacter aHigher item level

UnfortunatelyThe Destroyer will notSave your money to be in one of these classes a Powerpass from the game’s GlavierRelease back in April. ThisIt means: new DestroyerHopefuls without a Powerpass willYou will need to raise him from scratch.

ThisIt is unheard of in the Lost ArkAs newClasses are always welcomed a PowerpassIt was also released in other regions. However, Community Manager RoxxIt was stated that other regions did the same notFeature as many character releases as the NA Region. As aAs a result, it was decided notAll newClasses in NA willReceive a Powerpass.

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