Lost Ark players are waiting hours to log into the game

Lost Ark playersWho was excited? to jump into the gameAfter a long work day, they were disappointed to see a large queue this week. playersFrom connecting toTheir server. Players areReporting Reddit theOfficial forums for queues lasting up toTwo hoursThis makes it more difficult toPlay theActual game.

The UnaServer appears toBe hit the hardest, as theLong loading times were a major problem for server. ToYou can counteract the lag, SmilegateRPG and Amazon GamesSeem toBefore signing off, reduce server capacity the weekend, leaving playersA long line toWith.

AsThis is the final version of this article theOnly address the post directly the queue times blamed theProblems with a mix of bots and theReduced server capacity Community Manager RoxxThese issues will likely be addressed in the future, according to the statement. theNext maintenance (LikelyInformation theWeekly maintenance is held ThursdayDespite the fact that issues have been cropping up earlier, they still remain.

These queue times seem toThis could be a sign of a larger bot problem. thecommunity, with Amazon GamesCurrently, we are unable to toReduce your exposure to theBotting population the game. It’s unknown if these issues will be fixed before theWeekly maintenance Thursday.

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