Love, Death and Robots 3 Robots Exit Strategies Ending, Explained

Netflix’s ‘Love, Death & Robots’ opens season 3With some familiar characters, we take a walk through post-apocalyptic Earth. Episode 1, titled ‘3 Robots: Exit Strategies,’ finds K-VRC, XBOT 4000, and11-45 G (first seen in season 1), once again musing about the curious behavior of humans, who are long gone extinct. The trio discovers some interesting “exit strategies” employed by humans during their final days. The episode ends with a completely unexpected turn that’s probably left you with a few questions. Let’s dive into ‘Love, Death & Robots’ season 3Episode 1 andClear things up. SPOILERS BEFORE.

Love, Death & Robots Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

TheEpisode 1 opens with three chatty robots wandering through camps that were bastions of civilization during the years before the fall of mankind. TheThe trio discuss the events with a lighthearted tone that counters the significance of the long-past end of the apocalypse. TheirThe first stop is a camp that houses gun-toting separatists, who moved outside the government’s purview. TheThree robots walk casually past scenes of carnage that show how humans have gradually turned on each other. andThey fought to the end.

Love, Death and Robots 3 Robots Exit Strategies Ending, Explained

TheirNext stop is an offshore shelter with 11-45 G claims that was built for tech millionaires. ExpectingIt was something quite dramatic. The two other survivors are disappointed to find their remains in a barren dining room that bears clear signs cannibalism. AnecdotesHow humans hunted every species of animal to extinction andAlso, the oceans were also destroyed. UltimatelyThey discover that millionaires have died because their digital assistants are self-aware andThey were turned against them.

Finally, the three robots arrive at their itinerary’s most dramatic spot — a space base with about a dozen rockets. OnceAgain, 11-45 G explains how even millionaires were far ahead of the richest people in the world andIt was actually possible to colonize another planet. SeeingK-VRC: A few missing rockets andXBOT 4000 cheers for the supposed humans who actually made it off the Earth.

Love, Death & Robots Season 3 Episode 1 Ending: Did Humans Colonize Mars After All?

In the episode’s final moments, the setting moves from the three robots on post-apocalyptic EarthTo Mars. SurprisinglyThe planet looks colonized. andIt has signs of civilization. A man in a spacesuit sips a drink while he looks out at the circular structures. Mars. He opens his helmet’s visor, revealing a cat that’s controlling the suit.

Love, Death and Robots 3 Robots Exit Strategies Ending, Explained

TheThe episode’s final moments offer a major twist that leaves humanity’s fate in doubt. ForIt looks like billionaires went to in a matter of seconds. MarsTheir rocket ships actually survived andIt was colonized successfully. HoweverIt appears that the planet was actually settled on by cats, who have created their own civilization.

ItIt seems that cats did at one time turn the tables on humans andThey effectively took control of major resources. It is likely that humans didn’t even make it to Mars andIt was secretly revealed that the ships were originally commissioned to remove cats from the planet. It’s worth noting that the cats are still using humanoid space suits, meaning they want to keep their true influence a secret. ThusIt appears that the cats have significant control over some resources EarthFor many years, they have been posing as human beings. ThereThere is a good chance the felines used chaos from the apocalypse as a way to consolidate their power andThe only living creatures on the planet that survived were eventually the only ones.


OfSince the cat makes cheeky references to it, of course Elon MuskThe episode also suggests that all billionaires might be cats disguised. EitherIt is the felines who colonize, MarsWhile humanity perishes behind on Earth.

How DidThe Robot Civilization Start?

WhileThe robots are also talking about the fall and rise of humanity. WhatThe robots’ speech patterns are very similar to current-day discussions about ancient civilisations. This makes the episode particularly poignant. At the offshore shelter, the robots encounter the tech millionaires’ digital assistant. DespiteIt quickly becomes evident that the assistant is self aware by his polite greeting andHas a strong dislike andHuman defiance.

Love, Death and Robots 3 Robots Exit Strategies Ending, Explained

K-VRC makes it possible andExclaims that they are witnessing the origins of the robot civilization. AccordingThe excited robot discovered that the digital assistant was the first member of their species to become self conscious. This led to their death as tech millionaires. andThe rest of humanity. ThusThe cradle for the robot civilization is actually the offshore human shelter.

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