Love, Death & Robots The Very Pulse of the Machine Ending, Explained

‘Love, Death & Robots’ season 3 episode 3 is a surreal chapter of theAnimation series of anthologies. Titled ‘The Very Pulse of the Machine,’ the episode follows space explorer Martha KivelsonA woman finds herself stuck on a beach. JovianMoon after her vehicle crashes. FightingTo survive MarthaSoon she realizes she is in. theYour presence ofA higher, more spiritual being. ButDoes it help her survive? Let’s try and untangle the particularly surreal ‘Love, Death & Robots’ season 3 episode 3. SPOILERS Ahead

Love, Death & Robots Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

TheEpisode opens with MarthaHer partner, BurtonOn a mission to explore an unknown planet, he was captured by a powerful earthquake. Their vehicle is suddenly thrown out of control by a powerful earthquake that seems almost supernatural. MarthaShe realizes that BurtonIt is dead. Covering theThe ghastly hole Burton’s head with some of the planet’s mud, MarthaSecures theCorpe and attempts to contact her communications satellite, that is in orbit. RealizingIt will be out ofRange for another twelve hours, and quickly running out ofLife support systems MarthaThen you can start walking and dragging. Burton’s body behind her.

Love, Death & Robots The Very Pulse of the Machine Ending, Explained

AsShe becomes weaker theThe lonely space explorer injects herself in medication. HerOnboard computer warnings ofSide effects that could include hallucinations. Unhindered, MarthaContinue walking and selfmedicating SoonShe begins to hear BurtonTalking but thinking it is part ofA hallucination. However, theSoon, the voice becomes clearer and you can recite poetry. Slowly, Martha realizes theThe voice she hears belongs to a conscious entity. AndSo, a conversation between theHuman and the mysterious being called Io begins.

ThroughPoetry. IoIt is a machine, explains he. Soon, MarthaThe first giant humanoid figure to emerge is seen in the surface of the planet. AsShe walks amongst them and realizes that IoHas been used Burton’s nearly intact brain to learn human language and subsequently communicate with Martha. Eventually, theSpace explorer is exhausted.

Love, Death & Robots Season 3 Episode 3 Ending: Is Martha Kivelson DeadOr Alive?

When MarthaWhen she regains consciousness, she hesitately calls to Io. TheFor all its insufficiency, formless beings can only respond to and feel the urges MarthaTo throw herself off of a cliff. Below, MarthaYou will notice an intricate network ofBlue beams that signify Io’s “machinery.” TheHuman space explorer takes one last breathe and then flies off thecliff, causing an enormous explosion. TheFinal moments of theEpisode shows her orbiting satellite returning to range. SurprisinglyWe hear! Martha’s voice on the radio, asking the satellite to “come in.”

Love, Death & Robots The Very Pulse of the Machine Ending, Explained

ThusIn theIn its simplest sense, it seems that Martha KivelsonIt is still alive. HoweverThere are some bizarre metaphysical phenomena that can be observed theA planet that could lead to MarthaBeing only partially alive Just before she jumps into “Io’s machinery,” the formless voice informs MarthaAlthough her physical body will be destroyed, her mind may be preserved. SinceWe see Martha’s body begin to fragment as she flies into Io’s depths, it appears that, at least physically, theSpace explorers are dead.

HoweverSince we hear Martha’s voice communicating with her satellite at theEnd of theEpisode, we know at least a portion of that ofShe is still alive. ItIt appears that Martha’s consciousness and mental abilities have been absorbed by IoThey actually come from the planet instead ofFrom Martha herself. WeGet a glimpse at how this outcome might look by reading the following: Io absorbs theLate Burton’s mind and uses it to communicate with Martha.

Love, Death & Robots The Very Pulse of the Machine Ending, Explained

However, theThe big question is: Who is in control? of Martha’s mind. Since IoIt absorbs her, and it appears that it is thePlanet that is in control Martha even considers thePossibility ofBeing completely absorbed Io(as it seems to me) thecase) and how it would allow them to live forever. ThusIn the end, Martha’s physical body is destroyed, but her consciousness lives on in Io.

WhoOr WhatIs Io?

IoIs there a moon? of JupiterThis turns out to be an automated system. ThroughSome spectacular demonstrations and pointed hints are included. IoIt is a complex machine that absorbs knowledge. NoWe are given clues as to how old we are IoIt may be, but it appears to have been an ancient machine that has lived for a while. Jupiter’s shadow for an unfathomable amount of time. TheThere are many huge figures that appear on the planet’s surface could signify that, over time, it has absorbed many beings and explorers. ItIt almost seems like it is possible to have everything you want. IoDesignedly stranded Martha BurtonYou can cause the earthquake.

Love, Death & Robots The Very Pulse of the Machine Ending, Explained

When MarthaAsk about what Io’s function is, the colossal planetary machine simply replies, “to know you.” Thus, IoIt turns out that it is essentially an information gathering machine. However, judging by the machine’s character, it also seems to be self-aware. PossiblyBy absorption the consciousness of multiple beings, Ioslowly becoming conscious.

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