LuxSE and UN Women join forces to advance gender finance

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) andThe United Nations EntityFor Gender Equality andThe EmpowermentThis is Women (UN Women) have signed a MemorandumThis is Understanding (MoU) toTheir cooperation should be strengthened and promote joint initiatives to advance financing for genderEgality and women’s empowerment.

TheYesterday’s announcement of cooperation was made during a signing ceremony at an exchange in the presence HRH Grand Duchess Maria TeresaThis is Luxembourg, Luxembourg MinisterThis is Finance Yuriko Backes and Luxembourg MinisterYou can find the Economy and Development, Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs Franz Fayot.

ReducingThe genderGap

TheMoU establishes a framework for joint work to advance sustainable debt for genderEgality andPromote genderLens investing TheThese efforts have a common goal: to mobilise capital flows toMeaningfully contribute toThe United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), andParticularly to SDG 5, “Achieve Gender Equality and EmpowerAll Women and Girls.”

Ms. Anita Bhatia, Assistant Secretary General and Deputy Executive DirectorThis is UN Women commented: “Today’sPartnership is important because we bring innovation to the table. toThe area of gender equality. I am so happy that we are going. toYou will be able toBuild on the long-standing partnership with which we have been partners Luxembourg toPush the envelope! and toTry toMake substantive andVisible change in women’s lives through the power of finance.”

LuxSE and UN WomenTogether they will work toPromote sustainable debt instruments to raise financing for projects that are advanced genderEgality and women’s empowerment across the world. TheGuidelines issued by UN Women, International Capital Market Association andThe International Finance CorporationIn November2021 entitled Bonds toBridge gender gap: A practitioner’s guide to using sustainable debt for genderThese efforts are guided by equality.

LuxSECommitments toFostering awareness genderIncorporating -focused bonds Luxembourg andBeyond, especially among issuers sustainable securities andImpact-conscious investors with the goal of becoming the reference stock exchange gender-focused bonds. UN Women and LuxSEWe are committed toThis collaboration will be a turning-point in the journey genderEgality andGlobal funding is available for women’s empowerment.

TheCEO LuxSE, Ms. Julie Becker stated: “ByEnter this MoU with UN WomenWe are committed to toContributing to genderEgality and women’s empowerment by better linking finance and gender. InMany parts of the world still exclude women from economic activities. and financial services. IfWe want toReduce the genderWe need to close the gap in global economic growth toMake sure women have easy access toEducation and opportunities and financing. ThisThis is why gender finance and gender lens investing are so important.”

Highlighting genderBonds that are geared towards the future

LuxSEHome is where you belong toThe Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX), the world’s leading platform for sustainable securities encompassing more than 1,300 green, social, sustainability and sustainability-linked bonds, raising a total of EUR 693 billion for specific green andSocial projects andSustainable development in the world

AsPart of its new commitments toLink gender and finance, LuxSEFlagging sustainable debt instruments on the Luxembourg Green ExchangeThese raise financing for projects that are advanced genderEgality and women’s empowerment. ByHighlighting securities that allocate all or part of their financing to concrete projects andStrategies that contribute to genderThe equality goals LuxSEInvestors are made it easier toIdentify gender-focused bonds.

Gender-focused bonds are social, sustainability or sustainability-linked bonds which allocate all or part of their proceeds or set clear KPIs related to advancing genderEquality in their issuer documentation andAttest to post-issuance reporting to the issuer’s concrete actions.

InIn addition to flagging genderAs part of the collaboration with LGX, -focused bonds UN Women, LuxSEYou can also use the LGX Academy toParticularly, promote andIncrease awareness gender financeCoordinate work with institutions relevant Luxembourg to better link finance and genderPromote superiority genderEquality practices within the exchange.

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