Mahmee Raises $9.2M Series A Funding

Mahmee, Los AngelesIn 2009, the startup that provides maternal healthcare in California raised $9.2M. Series A funding.

TheRound was led by Growth Equity BusinessWithin Goldman Sachs Asset ManagementParticipation from Revolution’s RiseYou can find the Rest Seed Fund, Muse Capital, Backstage Capital, The Helm, Pipeline Angels.

TheThe company plans to use the funds for the expansion of its team, its network of community-based providers, and its rosters of health system and payor partners.

LedBy CEO Melissa Hanna, Mahmee is an integrated care delivery platform for maternal and infant health that connects patients, independent health professionals, and enterprise healthcare organizations to increase access to comprehensive care prenatal and postpartum care. TheCompany offers live support to expectant mothers seven days a week, as well as unlimited expert-led support groups. ThroughA dedicated team made up of experienced nurses and care coordinators. MahmeeIt proactively screens for potential health problems, refers to culturally competent specialists, and assists in navigating social services.

The company has served over 15,000 pregnant and birthing individuals and performed thousands of physician escalations and life-saving interventions for users experiencing issues like severe hypertension, infection, placental bleeding, and severe postpartum depression.



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