Michael Saylor Said this Gold Company Shouldn’t Exist, The CEO Responds

Keith Weiner, CEOThis is Monetary MetalsAnswers to Michael SaylorBelow are comments made about the Lex Fridman podcast about ArizonaCompany that invests in a -based company.

Michael SaylorAnonymous AmericanFollowing a statement made about, an entrepreneur and business executive appears to have found his match. Monetary MetalsOn the popular Lex FriedmanPodcast, with the CEOThe gold company responded to his comments in an open mail SaylorHe was interviewed by the podcast to discuss this topic. BitcoinWhile he supported his points about his investment bias, he took a stab at gold. HeHe didn’t have many nice words to say about gold, and specifically stated that no one would ever create a business on lending gold. TheComment didn’t sit well with Keith Weiner, CEOThis is Monetary MetalsA company that has had relative success lending money gold. He expectedly responded to the claims. Saylor.

LoaningThis is Precious Metals

SilverGold and other precious metals are now investment tools that attract the attention of both institutional and private investors around world. OverOver the years, many platforms and companies have emerged to offer great returns on gold or silver deposits. HoweverThe team at Monetary MetalsVisionary, leading the way Keith WeinerThis company has raised the bar by offering a yield on gold as well as paying in gold or silver, thereby enabling savvy investors to multiply their ounces.

What Makes Monetary Metals Different?

Monetary MetalsThe operation Gold Yield Marketplace™, a platform for products offering a YieldOn Gold, PaidIn Gold® for investors and institutions. ItProvides additional information Gold Financing, Simplified™ for businesses that use or produce gold. TheInvestors are spared from the endless management fees and vault fees that can reduce their returns when they invest with ETFs or bullion.

Michael Saylor’s Claims About Loaning Gold

DuringThe podcast was viewed by more than 3,000,000 people. SaylorWe talked about money and economics. He mentioned that “To generate $50,000 in income, one would need $1 million of capital at 5%. But when the interest rate drops to 0.5%, then the same bond that pays the same $50,000 a year rises to $10 million,” a concept Keith termed “Yield Purchasing Power.” Saylor also claimed that bitcoin has a “Massive yield” while dismissing other cryptos by saying, “you can’t build a civilization on speculation.”

OnHis thoughts on the gold business Saylor said “you can’t loan the gold,” and “no one’s going to create a business with your gold.” He also declared that “most people wouldn’t store a billion dollars for a decade in gold.”

Keith Weiner Responds To Michael Saylor In An Open Letter

InOpen letter Michael SaylorThe podcast’s host Lex Friedman, Keith Weinercalled out the comments SaylorThis article will dispel the myths and incorrect comments made by entrepreneurs.

Monetary MetalsIn gold, you get interest NotYou can bet that the price of the product will rise or lend to short sellers that it will fall. WeFinance businesses in gold and pay investors gold interest out of the profits.” – Keith Weiner.

TheThe letter continues to criticize some of the items. Saylor’s other comments, including the claims “that no one can mortgage their gold” and that “most people wouldn’t store a billion dollars for a decade in gold”. The CEOThis is Monetary MetalsBoth statements were refuted by the company, who claimed that loans against gold have been available for some time. The gold market is currently valued at more than $11 million. Trillion, so obviously someone, or many someone’s, have been storing many billions worth of gold, for a very long time.

Keith WeinerIt was argued that BitcoinThere are several fatal flaws to it, including the price volatility that makes it unsuitable to be used to finance production. GoldOn the other hand,. Is being used to finance production according to Weiner. WhileBoth SaylorAnd WeinerWhile all parties agree that there are serious issues in the dollar system’s functioning, their strategies for addressing them are different.

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