Model Shahana Malayalam Actress Death, What Was Model Shahana Cause Of Death? – News

Model Shahana Malayalam Actress Death, What Was Model Shahana Cause Of Death? - News

Model Shahana Malayalam Actress Death

ShahanaIs a young actress and model from Kozhikode, Kerala. SheShe was found hanging from her bathroom grill dead in her home. SheShe celebrated her 12th birthday on the 12th MayWith her family, she was found dead the next day. TheHer husband was taken into police custody SajjadAs a suspect in her death, she was taken into custody 

What Was Model Shahana Cause Of Death

Shahana’s family does not believe that she committed suicide. Her mother said, “MyShe was murdered, but her daughter would not commit suicide. SheThey used to make her cry, saying that she was being tortured. HeUsed to get drunk and cause trouble. HisShe was being tortured by her sister and parents. I suggested they move to a different house. EvenMy daughter then told me that he was acting badly with her and wanted to get money. The25 sovereigns worth of gold we gave had been used. She had wanted to meet us on her birthday.”

Shahana Model Kerala

ShahanaWas married to a man named Sajjad. HisHis sister and his parents had bullied and tortured him. ShahanaSo the couple moved into a rented property. ShahanaShe has been in many jewelry ads and just completed a project in Tamil Nadu. ACP K Sudarshan said, “SheActed in a TamilRecent money was received for a venture. TheThis seems to have been a topic of contention between two couples. YesterdayHe returned late because it was her birthday. TheThe couple had another argument. According to the husband, he found her dead inside the bathroom after that.” 

Shahana Malayalam Model

Shahana’s neighbor, who is also the owner of their house, was the one who noticed something was wrong. TheThe owner of the house said that Sajjadscreamed for help ShahanaThe system did not respond. Shahana’s family are claiming foul play because of the way that SajjadHe and his family had treated Shahana. Her brother said, “HerTheir bodies were lying on his lap as they entered. It is his claim that she died by suicide, why should we believe this?” TheInvestigations are still ongoing. 

Shahana Malayalam Actress

When Shahana’s neighbor heard SajjadThey called out and went over to verify what had happened. The house owner said, “WhenI went there, and she was lying on his lap. HeWe were told that she didn’t respond. I suggested calling police. Police arrived and it was in their jeep that she was rushed to the medical college.” SheIt didn’t happen. TheAn investigation into her murder is ongoing. 

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