Money Heist Korea Ending, Explained: Why Did the Professor Plan the Heist?

When the Spanish series ‘Money Heist’ first became available to theGlobal audience through NetflixIt gained millions of fans almost immediately theThe gripping, action-packed narrative, stunning characters, and flawless casting make this film a hit around the world. As the series creator Álex PinaAs he and his team intended theShow and its characters are quintessentially SpanishGiving theInternational audience gets a much-needed rest from theThere are many heist films and shows. HollywoodIt has been produced. The strong presence of regionalism in almost every aspect of ‘Money Heist‘ makes theShow perfect for a remake at different settings. And that’s what ‘Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area’ essentially is.

The KoreanRemake is done in a version the Korean PeninsulaWhere North South KoreaThey have finally agreed to put aside their differences and reunite. TheyHave made what was once possible the Joint Security AreaIt is located between theBorders of both countries and a symbol for division, into the Joint Economic Area. There, theThe governments of theTwo countries have established themselves the Unified Korea MintPrinting now: theNew currency Unified Korea. The Professor (Yoo Ji-TaeThis is a list of (targets) MintThere, he intends to take 4 trillion won. HereThis is all you need to know the ending of ‘Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area’ season 1. SPOILERS Ahead

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area’ Season 1 Recap

AlthoughBoth politicians and businesspeople on both sides of the aisle promised that theUnification would bring prosperity for everyone Koreans, theMost predictable thing happened: the rich got richer. Tokyo (Jeon Jong-seo (from) NorthTo South to pursue a better life but ends up working at an escorts’ club. SheAfter trying to rape her boss and one of their underlings, they kill her and another immigrant. the run. RightWhen TokyoShe has given up on all hope and is now ready to shoot herself in the head, the Professor approaches her with an offer she can’t refuse.

TokyoThe next meeting will be held theRest of theThey work in a team, and they can be more or less theThey are the same in both ways theOriginal series, except for maybe Berlin (Park Hae-soo), who’s real name is Song JunghoIn the Korean adaptation. HeHis entire life was spent performing forced labor. Kaechon Camp, a real facility that allows you to North KoreaThe prison allegedly houses its political prisoners. BerlinHe was eventually able to lead a successful fight against his captor, and has been a successful leader ever since. North Korea’s most wanted man. LikeIn theOriginal series Moscow DenverAre father and son. The Professor recruited MoscowBecause he’s a master differ, DenverBrawler Xavier, joined theBecause his father asked, he joined the gang the Professor.

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Rio (Hyun-Woo Lee) is a gifted hacker and rebellious scion of a family of doctors. NairobiHe is a con artist, and acts as a quality manager. thegroup as the character does in theOriginal series Oslo HelsinkiAre fixers and ex-gang members from Yanbian. TheRobbers hijack a currency train to gain entry into the MintYou can quickly take control thefacility and took all its employees hostage. Cho Youngmin (Park Myeong-hoon), Arturo Román’s counterpart in the KoreanRemake, and Yoon Miseon (Joo-Bin Lee), Mónica GaztambideOr Stockholm’s counterpart.

As the robbers let theAuthorities are aware that a heist has been committed inside. the Mint, Seon Woojin (Yunjin Kim), South Korea’s leading hostage negotiator, is placed in charge of theJoint task force with Captain Cha Moohyuk (Kim Sung-oh! An officer in North Korea’s MinistryThis is Security. WoojinIs Raquel MurilloOr Lisbon’s counterpart in the Korean remake. Like Raquel, WoojinHer trickery will fool you ProfessorShe becomes close to her while she is hiding behind a false identity in order to keep tabs on who is doing what theAuthorities are taking action.

In theSeason finale the Professor’s real reason for organizing theThe beginning of heist becomes clear. Park Chulwoo, a military officer sent infiltrating the MintIt is believed that he was killed by Berlin, is discovered to be alive, which turns theOpposition to the bill is widespread the authorities for the first time during the heist.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area’ season 1 Ending: Why Did the Professor Plan the Heist?

In theSeason 1 finale: We are shown a glimpse the Professor’s past. ItIt turns out that he was a great educator up until a few years ago. the heist. HisMain research topic theEconomic effects of reunification, which drew theInterest of different people in power Woojin’s former husband, Kim Sangman. AtHe is currently regarded as being theNext leader the country. Sangman took him to Joint Security AreaIntroduce him to Oh Jaeyun, who seems to be one the most powerful businesspeople in South Korea. AsWe see at theStart at theHe is a series. theHead of the “huge South Korean corporation” that promised to make a large-scale investment in the North. TheThis is the conclusion. Apparently, the Professor Oh JaeyunTogether, we initiated North Korea’s full open-door economic policy. Oh Jaeyun’s group provided theCapital is required for such a large undertaking. the ProfessorWe came up with the plan.

Money Heist Korea Ending, Explained: Why Did the Professor Plan the Heist?
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HoweverAs we can see from Tokyo’s narration, the ProfessorWas a mistake the partnership. Tokyo even compares the ProfessorTo J. Robert OppenheimerIt is widely regarded as the “father of the atomic bomb.” ThisThis means that the Professor’s work with Oh JaeyunIt had a devastating impact on most of thePeople in the Korean Peninsula. WeYou only get bits of news. theResults of theUnification in all aspects the series. ThePeople have lost the hope they had at first about it. South KoreansThey have become increasingly hostile to northern immigrants. Moreover, theRich continue to hoard all the wealth. RealizingHe has been a part of the creation of a Frankenstein’s monster, the ProfessorMost likely to be planned theHeist, a desire to point out theHis own economic plans have inherent flaws the world.

 What Does Anne GiveTo Soojin?

Anne KimIs theDaughter of the US ambassador to South Korea. SheShe is with other students in her class on a school trip. the heist begins. Anne’s presence in the MintIt is vital to the Professor’s plans, knowing that while she is in the facility, theTask force members will think twice about sending soldiers.

Money Heist Korea Ending, Explained: Why Did the Professor Plan the Heist?
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ThePlan works almost up to theUntil the end AnneOne of them manages to slip theNotable: thePrinting in has been a crime for robbers Woojin’s pocket. OnShe has also written down every piece she and others need to know. theOthers have also discovered this. ThisIncludes the most important piece of information of them all — theInsider robbers are printing out money the Mint. The longer theAuthorities wait theMore money theRobbers have the ability to print. IfWhen and how Woojin’s reads theNote, she is bound order an immediate assault the Mint, which will likely to force the ProfessorTo come up with an alternative plan.

Why Does Moohyuk Suspect Park Sunho (the Professor)? Does Moohyuk Know That Park Sunho Is the Professor?

MoohyukHis superiors have told him that there is a mole among them the South KoreansIn the Joint Task Force. Although Moohyuk initially thinks it can’t be Woojin, theThe words of his superior officer almost convinced him. the contrary. UltimatelyHe admitted to it. WoojinHe was wrong about her, and now he has a new suspect to be suspicious of. Woojin’s boyfriend, Park SunhoWho is it that happens to be the Professor.

Money Heist Korea Ending, Explained: Why Did the Professor Plan the Heist?
Image Credit: Jung Jaegu/Netflix

AsideFrom theMembers of the task force ParkIs theOnly one person can see inside. theMain operation tent, so MoohyukIt seems that they have correctly deduced that theLeakage could only have come from theOther man. RelyingHis hunches are his strength. Moohyuka decision to track the Professor down. However, he doesn’t yet know that Park Sunho the ProfessorAre the same person.

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