Money Metals Exchange Review 2022 – Accessible Gold & Silver Investment

What Is Money Metals Exchange?

FoundedBy 2010. Stefan Gleason, Money MetalsOnline bullion dealer, based in the west US and headquartered here Idaho. Money MetalsIt is an easy way to AmericansTo have access to precious metals which are one of the most stable commodities available on the market. This type of asset is known for maintaining – or even increasing – its value during periods of market downturns, and makes for a good addition to any portfolio.

Money Metals There are six precious metals available to choose from: silver, gold, palladium and palladium. They also come in different sizes. FromCoins, rounds, jewelry, bars, bullions, and even statues are all available. InSecurity terms Money Metals’ vaults are among the most secure, and all assets are insured with Lloyd’s of London.

In 2015 Money MetalsYou won Bullion.Directory’s prestigious Bullion DealerYou can find the YearIt is a recognition of the dealer who has done the most. SinceIt has remained one the most prominent dealers in the US.
IfIf you’re in a hurry, you can look at our A quick summaryThis is Money Metals.

Pros & ConsThis is Money Metals


  • AllDeposits are insured by Lloyd’s of London
  • SecuredWith Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • AccessTo Collateralized Loans
  • Low Storage Fees
  • SetUp automatic Monthly Purchases
  • VerySecure
  • Quick Sign-Up Process
  • Regularly audited


  • OnlyShipping within the US is supported
  • Limited customer support availability
  • HighTransaction fees when using credit card

Features & Benefits

1) Access To Collateralized Loans

Money MetalsUsers can use the silver and gold they have stored in Money Metals’ Depository As collateral, with a very attractive Loan-to-ValueRatio of (LTV) 75%. ThatThis means that users can request an advanced loan up to 75% off the total value of the collateralized assets.

InterestRates on loans are 6% The annual total amount is considerably lower than the industry standard and approval times of an average of 72 hours or less. KeepKeep in mind that you must have at least $35,000In assets stored.

InterestRates on loans can vary; double the rate-You can check their website for the most current rates.

2) Automatic Monthly Plan & Recurrent Purchases

Money MetalsUsers can sign up-Up Money Metals’ Monthly PlanSlowly build your holdings by making monthly automatic purchases and taking advantage of Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA). TheThe process is quick. You can link your bank accounts and set up automatic deductions. Or, you can also set up a new bank account. Invoices, Pay-by-Check Or Auto-Pay.

SomeSome of the benefits of the monthly plans includeLower premiumsAnd Access to priority customer service. TheMinimum monthly investment $100You can also set it up Automated purchasesAn indication of the physical weight of the metal in ounces. If you’re familiar with Acre Gold’s monthly plan, it’s very similar to that plan; albeit Acre’s has a lower minimum starting at $50 that might be best suited for some investors.

3) Money Metals’ Dashboard

AfterSign up with Money Metals, you can All your orders can be tracked in one placeFrom sales and purchases to a complete Order history Describe your gold, silver and platinum holdings. UsersYou can also access Real-time price data and change their billing & shipping address, all from the Dashboard.

4) Low Storage Fees

Money Metals ExchangeYou will be charged a very low annual fee to store your assets, based on their total market value. TheBased on your total holdings, the following is how the fees are broken down Depository:

  • Between $0-$15,999: $96/year
  • Between $16,000-$99,999: 0.59%/year
  • Between $100,000-$999,999: 0.49%/year
  • Between $1,000,000-$2,999,999: 0.39%/year

From$16,000 above, fees vary from a flat $96/year up to a percentual, tied fee-Based system. ForInvestors looking to store more than $3 million worth of metal can contact their customer service for better rates.

KeepKeep in mind, however, that their storing service does not only apply to those who purchase their metal through them. Money Metals Exchange – anybody who already owns metal can send it to Money Metals’ Depository.

Money Metals Fees

If you’re looking to purchase silver or gold, it’s a good idea to avoid CreditCards and PayPal; instead, go for one of the alternatives that don’t chargeAdditional feess:

  • Credit Card Fees: 4%
  • PayPal Fees: 4%
  • ACH Debit Fees: NoAdditional fees
  • Bill Pay Fees: No additional fee
  • Bank Wire Fees: NoAdditional fee (min. $3,000)
  • Cryptocurrency Fees: NoAdditional fees

SomeSome of the supported cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), EthereumUSD, ETH Coin(USDC), Dash (DASH).

Shipping And Handling Fees

TheirYou will also find very reasonable shipping and handling charges for your assets

  • ShippingAnd Handling Fees (<$500 worth of metals): $15
  • ShippingAnd Handling Fees (>$500 worth of metals): Free

Important to note is that you can lock in the price of whatever you’re buying before you make a purchase – as long as you make the payment within the same day, the transaction will go through with your locked-Price

Sign-Up Process

AnyoneRegister and create a Money Metalsaccount; there are no requirements or lengthy reviews; you just need your name and an email address.

ToRegister now to create an account Money MetalsSiteClick on the Shop Now button. Fill in some of your basic information, and that’s it. The process won’t take more than 2 minutes.

Money Metals Exchange Review 2022 - Accessible Gold & Silver Investment

Money Metals Security 

Money Metals’ very secure depository building is located in Eagle, Idaho, and strategically close to the sheriff’s office. Thevault is a custom-Made UL-Certified Class 3 Vault, and the depositoryMonitored 24 hours a day. AllThe contents of the vault are Completely insured By Lloyd’s of LondonOne of the largest insurance companies in the world,

SomeBenefits of storing assets in Money Metals’ Depository After purchasing them Money Metals’ Exchange You can save on storage, delivery, and insuring fees for your assets. Money Metals doesn’t charge additional fees for storing or insuring if you choose to store your assets in Money Metals’ Depository.

AllHoldings on the Money Metals DepositoryThese are Audited internally on an every other week basis BasisAn external auditor annually.

Customer Support

TheCustomer support representatives are available at Money MetalsThey are available via email, phone, or through a ticket system on the website. TheyA thorough investigation is also recommended. Education CenterOn their webpage, beginners will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Final Thoughts

Money MetalsThis is a great option for US investors looking to add stability to their portfolios through investments in safe haven assets. ItIt has low fees and places a lot of emphasis on security. There are many useful features such as monthly plans and collateralized loans. The only downside is for users outside the US – shipping your metallic assets outside the US is not supported, and you may have to rely on external shipping companies, which could prove risky.

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