Top 7 Most Popular Metaverse Crypto Games for 2022

MostDue to the bear market, cryptocurrencies are currently for sale. ThisThis is a great opportunity for you to acquire lesser-known tokens. TheBest way to evaluate the long-term outlook forThe future of a cryptocurrency project is to look at its users.

DappRadar identified the top seven MetaverseCrypto games Meanwhile, (*7*) also provides similar statistic about GamefiMarkets that you might like to look at”

Notice: ThisList is sorted according to the number of users that have logged in forMinimum 30 days, starting at the lowest point and ending at the highest. TheName indicates the game’s support for blockchain in parentheses.

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Most Popular Metaverse Crypto Games

#7 Farmers World – 160k

Farmers WorldLaunched in June2021, and is the first NFT-based farming video built on the WAX blockchain. It’sThe third most played game on WAX is currently the best. forPlayers who are on the lookout for idle farming games.

UsersTo begin playing, you will require an NFT device. ThisCan be purchased at the Farmers WorldCollection on AtomicHub. NewThe purchase of an item is something that players should think about. AxeA fishing rod and a fishing rod cost about $19 and $27 respectively.

OnceOnce players have purchased their NFT tools they can start mining for Farmers World GoldFWG (a cryptocurrency) Farmers WorldMany tokens can be earned by mining multiple tools. EachToken can be traded Alcor’s exchange.

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Farmers World, the second most-played game on WAX BlockchainThis is a great option forAnyone looking to get started using NFT or Metaverse gaming.

#6 Infinity (RONIN ETH) – 176k

Axie InfinityLaunched in March 2018. It’sThis is the most played game in play-to earn. Axie InfinityThe first NFT-based, blockchain-based game that allowed players to make a living through its ecosystem.

UsersCollect Axis’sNFT monsters can be upgraded/breede to increase their stats. UsersYou should visit the PokemonVersion of the game that is blockchain-based and inspired by the original.

Axie InfinityThis is also one of NFT’s most active markets, with more trading volume than $5 million and more than 60k transactions. AxiesWithin the last 24 hours, it was sold.

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AxieInfinity requires a minimal investment to get started. Axie InfinityIt is a low-cost, easy-to-buy game that allows players NFTs to be purchased. forAs low as $30 ThisThis is a significant discount compared to similar games.

AXS is the native token that the platform can use forThere are many in-game actions. Axie InfinityAlso included is the SLP tokenSmooth Love Potion), which can upgrade AxiesYou can also breed them.

Axie Infinity, one the first to use play–to-earn MetaverseCrypto gaming systems is an underrated game that leads to the creation of new crypto gaming systems Metaverse race.

AXS can be bought on Binance, GeminiKuCoin, and.

#5MOBOX – NFT Farmer – 213k

MOBOXNFTFarmerLaunched in April 2021. ItAllows users to farm with their MOBOXNFTs UsersParticipating in the game’s economy via a play-to earn model can help you to earn rewards

MOBOX is a community-focused GameFi Platform built on the BNB blockchain. ItThe MOBOX NFT Farm and the MOMOverse, which contain many blockchain games, are also included.

MOMOverse includes an NFT marketplace Block Brawler, a dashboard forNFT farming and MBOX stakes Moversity.

MOBOX is the third most-loved. MetaverseA great project to keep an eye on is the crypto game on BNB chain. February 2022.

MBOX is the native token that is used on the platform to provide primary utility assets.

MBOX can be bought on Binance. Poloniex. PancakeSwap. LBank.

#4 Upland – 330k

Upland, a top blockchain company MetaverseThe EOS blockchain was used to launch the EOS project. May 2019. ItIt is designed to rebuild the world, give players and businesses a new way to play and earn real value.

UsersVirtual properties can be traded, bought, and sold based on real-world addresses. Uplandme, Inc., a multinational company headquartered here Silicon ValleyThe game is operated by. ItThis is a very underrated gaming dApp.

UsersTo play, you must first create an account. AfterAfter creating an account, players can explore different properties or make purchases. PurchasedProperties earn UPX at a fixed price of 14.7% per year, which is possible to be collected every three minutes.

PlayersYou can acquire properties and then place them in different collections for a bonus and increased earnings. TheThe rarity of the collections determines the amount of one-time bonus or boosted earnings.StandardTo Limited, Exclusive, Rare, Ultra-Rare).

WeRecommend UplandIts ecosystem to anyone who is interested for virtual real estate in Metaverse.

#3Bomb Crypto (BNB), 496k

Bomb Crypto, UnityPlay-to-earn gaming platform for NFT play-to-earn, launched its BCOIN token October 20, 2121. Bomb CryptoThe third-most popular site is, with more than 496k active users in the past 30 days. MetaverseCrypto-game on the Market

PlayersManage their NFT bomber heroes to earn rewards. ToPlay, players must purchase a Bomb Hero NFT. ItCosts approximately $50

Bomb CryptoThe third most popular is. MetaverseCrypto game on the market is a must-check forAnyone who wants to get started MetaverseCrypto gaming TheVery low entry fees Bomb CryptoAn ideal choice forThose who are just beginning to play NFT-based gaming.

BITCOIN is a native token of this platform that serves as the primary utility assets for various in-game purchases and actions.

PancakeSwap sells BCOIN

#2 Splinterlands, Hive, WAX – 581k

SplinterlandsLaunched in March 2021. ItThe second most popular game on WAX blockchain. SplinterlandsIntegrates with Hive- A next-generation fast, scalable blockchain for Web3 or Metaverse projects.

SplinterlandsIt is very similar to HearthstoneOther trading card games SplinterlandsUses blockchain technology to give its players full ownership of all assets.

TheRent feature allows players to rent out cards forEven if they don’t want to invest, pennies per person Splinterlands. RentingThis is a great way for you to try out different builds without spending too much.

TheSPS is the platform’s native utility token. ItServes as the primary utility asset.

SPS can be bought online GatePancakeSwap.

#1 Alien Worlds (WAX, BNB) – 840k

Alien WorldsLaunched in April2021 is our favorite project with highest number of users. ItIt is the most loved MetaverseCrypto-game built on the WAX Blockchain and integrated with BNB

TheMining is the focus of this game Trillium, the native utility tokens for the platform.

ThereThere are two ways you can mine Trillium. OneUse AtomicHub’s NFT tools. TheAnother option is to stake your BNB TLM for rewards and rare NFTs not yet on the marketplace.

Alien World’sThe best part is that you don’t have to invest anything in order to play. PlayersWhen they create an account, they get a shovel for free. YouYou will earn more TLM and have greater chances of mining an NFT if your tool is high-quality.

Alien WorldsYour best choice forNFTs and MetaverseCrypto gaming

TLM can also be purchased on major exchanges, such as PancakeSwap. Binance.

ThisThis article is not meant to be used for trading or investment advice. BeforeAny item can be purchased Metaverse cryptocurrency coins, do your research.

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