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My Amazing Boyfriend Chinese Drama Wikipedia

My Amazing BoyfriendOriginated in Chinaand was created by Deng Ke. TheThese are the principal leads of the drama. Janice Wu Kim Tae-Hwan. ItThe release was on Tencent VideoOn April24, 2016, and ended June1, 2016, with 28 episodes. TheStory is based upon a ChineseThe famous novelist “Shui Qianmo.” TheDrama’s main theme is that romance will develop around a beautiful actress, and a superhuman of 500 years. 

My Amazing Boyfriend Chinese Drama Cast

Janice Wu Tian Jing Zhi
Kim Tae Hwan Xue Ling Qiao
Shen Meng Chen Zhang Xuan Xuan
Fu Jia Li Yan Zhi [Policial]
Yang Yi Fei Feng Dong Dong [Jing Zhi’s assistant]
Li Xin Liang Hong Shi Guang / Lai Bao
Lily Tien Tian Jing Zhi’smother
Dai Chao You Yu Zi / You Peng
Xu Ke Ye Chen
Song Yi Xing Ling Ling
Zhang Li Wei Mr. Tian [Tian Jing Zhi’s father]
Yu Xin He Shui Jing
Zheng Xiao Wan Mother Zhang
Peng Sun Professor Li
Wang Ning Zhang Shen Suan
Li Hong Lei Detective Zhang

Main Cast Of My Amazing Boyfriend Chinese Drama

Janice WuAs Tian Jing Zhi

Wu QianIs it a ChineseActress, she made her acting debut in “The Drama.”Young Sherlock”In 2014. ThenPopularized by a Tv series named “My Sunshine” In 2015, she participated in a TV program. Luhan’s “Promises” MV. 

Kim Tae HwanAs Xue Ling Qiao

Kim Tae HwanIs it a KoreanActor who began his career as an international model. HeIn 2016, he made his debut as the lead in the drama “My Amazing Boyfriend”A popular…” ChineseTelevision drama. 

Shen Meng ChenAs Zhang Xuan Xuan

Shen MengIs this a Chinese actress. SheShe was 19 years old when she entered the film industry as a “Cinema Star”Good Women”Series in 2010. ThenIn 2014, she was the lead actress in a film called “The Lead”.FallIn LoveWith YouShe was named “,” and she was given her first part in the series.The Loving Home.” 

Fu JiaAs Li Yan Zhi


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Fu JiaIs it a ChineseActor. His first appearance as a leading actor was in 2013, in the TV series “Anchor”.Meeting YouHe then entered showbiz. ThenIn the years that followed, he began to play the lead role in many TV series. 

My Amazing Boyfriend Chinese Drama Plot

InA car accident, the unlucky actor Tian Jing Zhi awakens mutant Xue Ling Qiao, who has slept for generations. DespiteHe is a stranger in his past and he eventually settles at her house. OnAlthough she seems unconcerned about his superpowers on the surface, she is actually working hard to eliminate him. SurprisinglyTheir mutual pain gradually makes them more connected. ThisThis not only explains their emotional impulses, but also reveals a century of history-An old plot.

My Amazing Boyfriend Overview

Drama  My Amazing Boyfriend 
Director  Deng Ke 
Genre  Romance 



MainStars  Janice Wu 

Kim Tae-hwan 

CountryOrigin  China 
Language  Chinese 
Network  Hunan TV, Tencent Video 
Episodes  28 
RunningTime  45 minutes 
TelecastingDays  Monday 





AgeRating  13+
ReleaseDate  April 25, 2016 – May 13, 2016 

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