NFT provider Ad Astra launches targeting traditional art world

A new start-up company called Ad Astra has launched, becoming the UK’s first non-fungible token (NFT) agency that specialises in connecting artists, artCollectors and galleries that offer end-to-end services NFT services. TheCompany aims to lower the barriers to entry for artists who have the desire but not the financial resources to create and sell NFTs that fully exploit the medium’s potential.

Ad Astra’s full suite of services includes providing education, creative direction, digital artistry, minting services, legal contracts, and marketing and sales. Each offering is bespoke to the individual clients’ specific circumstances under a commission-based, one contract model with no upfront costs.

UnlikeThe many NFTThere are many markets around. Ad Astra is not a platform, and works with their clients to sell their NFTs through the method that best supports the artworks, whether that’s an auction house or through an artDealer and specialized marketplaces

EveryAccount service is provided by a multi-generational team with years of experience in both web3 as well as the The. traditional art world. ThisIncludes Emily Wigoder, Ad Astra’s CEO and founder, who has a rich background in artPublishing, web3 & NFTs AlsoThe advisory board and senior leadership team are Simon DavenportQC, a leading commercial silkist and trustee of The Contemporary Arts Society, Ray Kelvin, the former CEO and founder Ted Baker, Philip HoffmanFounder of The Fine Art Group.

TheThe company is set to open its seed financing round. Long-term, the company plans to expand internationally and become the leading agency to connect people. traditional art worldWith the NFT space.

Emily WigoderFounder and CEO at Ad Astra, said, “TheThe possibilities of the NFT worldThere are many galleries, artists, and other resources that can be used to create art. traditional artCollectors are reserving their right to enter this space. UponWe investigated and found that the costs, the complications, as well as perceived risks, associated with the NFTSpace was initially a stopping point for artists who were initially interested in them. artFans can take advantage of the many opportunities available.

“ThisThis is precisely why we created Ad Astra – a turn-key NFTAgency that is passionate about both traditional artNFTs, and believes the art worldThe gallery and its artists belong to the artThe future technology and the future.

“WeHope to facilitate the removal of these borders to allow traditional artists and galleries to flourish in web3 and create NFTs that hold long-term value,” added Wigoder.

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