Nintendo is concerned about a “smooth transition” to the Switch successor

Switch Pro talk isIt is never-ending, no matter what it brings to Nintendo’s plans — rumors were just reignited thanks to Digital Foundry’s discussionOf new Breath of the Wild 2 footage. NoNo matter what console isNext from Nintendo, theCompany has concerns about transitioning to theNew hardware without leaving behind any existing customers

NintendoPresident Shuntaro Furukawaspoke aboutThis subject is covered during a recent Q&A with Japanese investors. “TheWe are unsure if we will be able to. toAs smoothly as possible, you can transition from the Nintendo Switch to theNext generation of hardware is a major concern for us,” thePresident said (translated via VGC). “BasedLearn from our experiences the Wii, NintendoDS and other hardware isIt is quite clear that one of theMajor obstacles isHow toYou can easily switch from one hardware to another to the next.” It’s aValid concern: While selecting backwards compatibility isPossible with theLikes of Nintendo Switch OnlineThere are titles that are locked. toOlder hardware, regardless of its age aConsole or handheld Nintendo’s own 3DS and WiiU eShops will be closing in 2023, for example.

It’s lost access like that which leaves Nintendo concerned. WhyAre gamers likely to move? to anew device and lose the games they are currently enjoying? “To help alleviate this risk, we’re focusing on building long-term relationships with our customers,” Furukawa continued. “WhileWe will continue to release new software. the Nintendo SwitchWe will also offer services that are also useful Nintendo accounts and other IP outside of gaming software.” The aforementioned Nintendo Switch OnlineIts. Expansion PackThe addition of games from other sources to the plan made it a lot more feasible.

AsFor what? theNext Nintendo console will be, that’s up in the air. TheReports of a company being denied a 4K-capable Switch Pro model in theVergangenheit, but its response recently changed to the more ear-turning ‘no comment.’ That’s sure toFan speculation is a common theme.

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