No Internet Connection Oculus Quest 2? Try These 13 Fixes

No Internet Connection Oculus Quest 2

You can enjoy a lot of the pleasure of using OculusAny other VR system relies on an internet connection. Internetconnection allows you download new games, play multiplayer, join parties, and experience VR online using the internet. Oculusbrowser, and many other things.

SoIt can be frustrating when you try and perform an action. QuestThis message will appear if you don’t have an internet connection.

The error message may be in the form of “no internet” or “no internet connection” or “connected, no internet”. WhateverIt essentially means that you have filled out the form. Quest2 cannot access the internet, regardless of whether it is connected via your WIFI.

WhenThis error may occur, and you may not be able access the site. Oculus Home, Library Store screens. ForSome users find the error rather bizarre, as the Quest2 is connected to the internet and can access websites via the Oculus browser.

InWe will give detailed explanations about the possible causes in this article. No InternetCorrect it and then offer solutions.

Why Won’t My Oculus Quest ConnectWIFI

TheCauses of the No Internet error on Quest2 may vary from one user or another. SoThis error must be dealt with on a case by case basis. OutlinedBelow are some possible causes.

1. You’re Actually Not ConnectedTo The Internet

When confronted with an error like this, it’s always best to start from the obvious. YouYou know the feeling of reaching for your keys and searching everywhere for them.

WhenYou will receive the No InternetError, it could just be that your Quest is really not connected to the internet…and this is even though it’s connected toYour WIFI. Here’s how:

For your QuestTwo headsets are required to access internet access.

2. Your Quest 2 Headset HasTo Be ConnectedTo Your WIFI

YourYour headset and your WIFI must be close enough for strong signals to be received. IfIf there isn’t enough proximity, the devices may be connected, but the signal may not be strong enough to cause the No Internet error.

AnotherFactors that could affect the connection between you and your partner QuestThe line of sight is between your headset and your router. WIFI uses radio signals for internet connection.

SoIf a thick structure, such as a brick wall or a metal door, is placed between your playing area, and the WIFI router it can interrupt the signals and cause poor connectivity.

AlsoIf multiple devices such as phones, microwave ovens, and computers are connected to your WIFI, they may interfere with your headset’s signal and cause unsteady internet connectivity.

OrSometimes, the load can be too heavy for your WIFI speed. This could cause poor connectivity for your headset.

EvenA temporary glitch in the router, or the computer. Quest2 may temporarily cause a disconnection between them.

3. Your WIFI Router HasTo Be ConnectedTo the Internet

YourInternet service provider (ISP) provides WIFI connection to your internet. SometimesYour ISP could be experiencing technical faults that cause the connection to be cut in your area.

OrIt could be a temporary issue with your router that causes it to lose internet connectivity temporarily.

Whatever the case, if your WIFI router does not have internet connection, your headset won’t either, and you’ll get the No Internet error.

4. There’s A Glitch

TheThe most common reason this error occurs is a temporary glitch. Quest 2. Your headset software or hardware may temporarily malfunction, which could lead to your problem. OculusDisconnect from the internet

AnotherThese glitches can occur when your headset is updating. OurResearch has shown that certain update installations can cause your WIFI display to go blank. No InternetAn error can cause certain apps to be unavailable, making them unaccessible. Home, Library StoreGet your Quest.

MostThese glitches usually disappear on their own. ButOther times, you might need to take a few steps to fix them. WeThese fixes will be discussed in detail later in this article.

5. Oculus Out Of Date

AsIf you make an error on your own, the rule is applicable. QuestOr Quest2. Please ensure your device is up-to-date. An Oculus device that isn’t up to date is always prone to running into glitches and other forms of malfunction.

OnOn the one hand, updates can be found at MetaTo fix bugs that could be causing errors Quest 2. OnThey also offer enhancements and features that enhance your experience. Quest2 performs better and prevents errors from happening.

AlsoIf your Quest2 is not up-to-date, and it will eventually have compatibility issues with apps, websites, or devices you connect to. Quest 2. ThereforeUpdates are vital.

PleaseNote that there are two main types of updates. Meta: Build Version updates. VersionUpdates are longer-term updates that include the V number, such v39. BuildTo fix problems, updates are more frequent.

SoEven if the latest v39 version has been installed, there may be an older build update that fixes issues like this. No Internet error.

6. 2.4GHz is EnabledOn Router

ModernTwo major technologies are used by routers to connect to the internet: 2.4GHz or 5GHz. TheDifference between the two is based upon Speed Range.

  • 2.4GHz (default) – more range, less speed
  • 5GHz – less range, more speed

FromThis shows that the internet speed is not as fast as the 2.4GHz, even though it can reach further distances from your space. AndBecause of the volume of data that must be transmitted to and fro your VR system, speed is crucial. QuestPer second.

ThereforeIt is often better to move your WIFI router closer than your playing space, and instead use the 5GHz technology.

(*13*)7. SSID and Password Issue

SSID, Service State IdentifierThe public name for your WIFI connection is, ThereHere are some challenges that SSID could face:

1. YouYou might have used the wrong WIFI Name when trying to connect. Quest2 to the Internet.

AlsoIf you have two different WIFI connections within reach and have connected to them both before, a glitch in your headset could cause it to connect to the first one. This may be a problem that may not be possible to fix.

2. RememberThe 2.4GHz & 5GHz we mentioned previously. Your Quest2 may switch between the frequencies as it seeks the best connection at all times. ThisConstant switching could lead to OculusThe complete loss of connection between switches can lead to the No Internet error.

3. AlsoIf you’re trying to connect your devices, Quest2 to WIFI If you get this error, it could be that you have entered the wrong password.

8. UsingA PublicWIFI with Captive Portal

A captive portal is a web page that you are redirected to when you try to connect to a public WIFI…especially if it’s free.

TheBefore you can gain access to the network, you must agree to the terms of use, scroll through a campaign, or enter a username and password.

IfYou want to access this network with your Quest2. You wouldn’t be able to see this captive portal so you wouldn’t have access the network.

Oculus Not ConnectingWhat is WIFI? Try These Fixes

1. FixThe Internet Connection

TheThe first thing you should do when you come across the No Internet error on your Quest2. To fix all aspects of your internet connection.

1. Make SureThe Router Has Internet Connection: UseYour phone or computer can connect to the WIFI within your playing area. ThisThe goal is to eliminate distance from being an issue. ThenTry opening web pages to test the connection. IfThere is no internet connection. Please:

1. UnplugThe router is powered by power supply

2. Wait5 minutes

3. PlugThe router is now back in

4. IfIf your test device does not have internet, please contact your ISP.

2. MakeMake sure you have Quest2 is connected to the WiFI, Ensure you enter the correct SSIDWhen you get the No Internet error. YourIt is possible that your headset has lost connection to the router because of a glitch or distance. ToPlease follow these steps to verify WIFI connection

1. PressThe OculusTo open the universal Menu, click on the button to the right.

2. Select Quick Settings

3. Select Wi-Fi.

4. TheThe WIFI network to which you are connected will be indicated.

5. IfIt’s the wrong WIFI. Select the one you want and enter the password

6. Then Select Connect

IfBecause of the headset, you can’t do this. No InternetError, please use the OculusApp on your phone to change WIFI connections:

1. MakeMake sure you have Quest2 is turned on

2. OpenThe OculusMobile app for your phone

3. Tap DevicesSelect the headset you are currently using from the bottom menu.

4. Tap Wi-Fi.

5. TapThe new Wi-Fi network you’d likeTo connect to and enter the password

6. Tap Connect to Wi-Fi.

3. MakeMake sure the WIFI signal strength is strong

  • EnsureYou must ensure that your playing area is within easy reach of the WIFI router, and that no structures are blocking the signals.
  • DisconnectAny BluetoothDevices connected to your Quest 2. TheyThese are known to cause internet connection errors. Quest 2
  • ReduceThe number of devices connected via your WIFI.

WhenAfter you have resolved all possible internet issues, please verify that the error has disappeared

4. Forget ReconnectThe WIFI

WhenYou confirm that your internet is working and that you are still able to access the internet. No Interneterror, it could be that your WIFI is experiencing a certificate problem. Quest 2 headset.

WhenA connection certificate is issued by a router when a device is connected to a WIFI router. This certifies that the device is trusted. TheTrust comes from the fact that you have entered the correct credentials.

HoweverA router glitch could cause the certificate to be revoked. Quest2, causing the No Internet error. ToYou can fix this by making your Quest2 Forget the WIFI and enter the credentials again.

ToDo this:

1. PressThe OculusButton on your right controller

2. Select Quick Settings

3. Select WIFI

4. Double-click on the WIFI to which you are connected

5. SelectDo not forget

6. ThenEnter the password to reconnect and select the WIFI once again

5. Wait It Out

WeIt was mentioned that, sometimes, the No InternetError occurs when you Quest2 is installing updates. SomeUpdates, especially build updates, disable user access to basic functions of the headset. No Internet error.

ApartThe error may be temporary, and could not be caused by a bug in your computer. Quest 2 headset. WaitingSome users were able to resolve their issue after a few minutes of trying.

2. Connect Using Your Phone App First

WhenIf you are satisfied that your internet is functioning properly, please refresh your browser using your phone. Quest2 headset connections ThisIt is best for users who cannot access the internet. Home, StoreOr Library.

ToDo this:

1. MakeMake sure your headset is on

2. OpenThe OculusYou can use the app on your headset-paired phone

3. Open StoreLaunch a game that you have downloaded

4. ExitThe game

5. PutCheck your headset once more to confirm the error has been corrected

3. Turn Off 2.4GHz In Router

GivenThe explanation about 2.4GHz is clear. However, the 5GHz frequency serves a better virtual reality system. MostWIFI routers use 2.4GHz as default. You can force your router to use 5GHz by disabling the 2.4GHz.

TheThis task can be completed using a different type of WIFI router. YouYou may contact your ISP to get guidance. HoweverBelow is a guideline for all WIFI routers:

1. ConnectUse an Ethernet cable to connect your router and PC

2. EnterThe admin IP address for your router to open administrator page (usually,

3. OnOn the login page, enter your admin credentials. ThisUsually, the router manual is included. For most routers, username and password are both “admin”. OrFor username and password, respectively, enter admin and password

4. NavigateTo the Wireless Settings Section.

5. UnderUncheck the 2.4GHz frequency to disable the wireless radio frequency. YouThis setting can be found under the advanced tab.

PleaseYou should note that 5GHz requires that your router be within 10 feet of your playing area. AlsoIt works best when used with an AC or AX router at 5GHz. PleaseThese requirements must be met in order to avoid connection errors.

4. Hard Reset Headset

AnotherHow to fix any glitches in your system Quest2 is to perform a hard reset or reboot. A hard reset allows the headset’s to recover from errors such memory overload, software bugs or incomplete circuits. It also allows for interruptions in update installation and other issues.

ToPerform a hard reboot or reset:

1. MakeMake sure your headset is on

2. PressHold the power button for 10-15 seconds on your headset

3. WaitAfter your headset turns off turn it on again and load the app. Oculus logo. ThenRelease the power button

AfterThe hard reboot is complete. Please verify that the following are true. No InternetError has been corrected

5. Update Headset

UsingA Quest2 headsets that aren’t up-to date are equivalent to using an outdated device to run current technologies. MetaYou must install updates to keep your computer up-to-date. Quest2 with minimal hassle

Your Quest2 will be automatically updated. HoweverThese issues include connectivity problems, interrupted installation of updates, and headset glitches that could prevent this from happening.

ToUpdate your Quest 2:

1. PutGet your OculusHeadset

2. PressThe OculusButton on the right controller

3. OnThe MenuClick the button to confirm. Clockicon

4. Select Settings

5. Select System

6. Select Software Update

7. AtSelect to in the upper right corner UpdateIf there is one, please let us know.


1. PutGet your OculusHeadset

2. PressThe OculusButton on the right controller

3. Select Settings

4. Select About

5. Select DownloadOr Install Updates

AlsoPlease ensure that your headset is updated automatically by following the steps below.

1. Open Oculus app on the phone that’s paired with your Quest2 headsets

2. Select Settings

3. SelectYour Quest2 headsets

4. Select More Settings

5. Select Advanced Settings

6. Select Update Software Automatically

Note: PleaseAutomatic updates work best when your headset remains on for a while, but it is not turned on.

6. Unlink Facebook Account

YouYou may have been required sign up Quest2 Use your Facebook account. ThisThis means that if you have any issues with your FacebookIf you have an account, you will not be able log in. Oculus, too.

Now, MetaWe have made it clear that you can:

  • UnlinkYour FacebookTake a look at OculusAll your apps, data, and other information can be retained by you Quest 2
  • AndSoon, personal accounts will be available in other formats. FacebookRegister now Quest 2.

SomeUsers reported that linking their accounts was difficult. FacebookAccount resolved No InternetThey can make an error. ItIt is not clear why this is so, but you might give it a shot. RestYou can rest assured that you won’t lose your Quest 2 data.

ToUnlink your FacebookYou need to contact us if you have any questions about your account Oculus support.

7. Factory Reset Headset

A factory reset is the last resort for fixing the problem. No InternetError or if you Quest can’t connect to the internet.

BeforeAfter performing a factory reset you might want to back-up your apps and game progress. Oculus cloud. PleasePlease note that not all games support this back-up. It is at the discretion and discretion of the app developers.

ToBackup your Quest2 on the cloud

1. StrapTurn on your headset, and then press the OculusButton on the right controller

2. OnThe Universal MenuSelect Quick Settings

3. Select Settings

4. Select System

5. Select Backup

6. At Cloud BackupTo turn it off, click the toggle.

PleaseWait for 30 minutes, then do a factory reset. Quest2. Follow the steps below:

To reset using phone app:

1. Make sure your Quest2 is fully charged

2. OpenThe OculusApp on your phone

3. Select Devices

4. SelectYour Oculus Quest2 headsets

5. Select Advanced Settings

6. Select Factory Reset

7. Confirm Reset

To reset using headset:

1. MakeMake sure your headset is fully charged

2. TurnTake off your headset.

3. HoldYou can simultaneously press the power and volume buttons on your headset.

4. HoldWait until your headset’s start-up screen loads

5. UseUse the volume buttons to highlight Factory ResetPress the power button to select it

6. UseTo highlight, use the volume button Yes, Erase Factory Reset

7. PressThe power button will allow you to select it

8. Try Another Router

ThisIt may seem a little strange, but not everyone has a spare router. HoweverThe source of the connectivity problem could be a compatibility problem between your devices. Quest2. The type of router you are using.

UsersSome users have reported issues with WIFI 6 routers (802.11ax). YouYou might try a WIFI 5 router (802.11ac), to see if it resolves the issue.

MetaThey have indicated that they are aware and working to address the issues users are experiencing. ButIn the meantime, please keep these points in mind:

1. TryUse a WIFI 5 router with AC or AX capabilities

2. SetThe frequency at 5GHz

3. PlaceThe router closest to your playing area.

AlternativelyTo bypass the error, you might try using a mobile Hotspot.

9. Contact Oculus

IfYou can still experience the No InternetError or your Quest 2 won’t connect to your WIFI even after a factory reset, then your headset may have a manufacturing defect. PleaseReach out OculusTo get support for the issue.

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