Now and Then Episodes 1, 2, and 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

‘Now & Then’ is a thriller series that follows a group of friends who make a haunting mistake on the eve of their graduation. AfterThe group keeps the death of one of their friends a secret. andThey carry on with their lives. HoweverNearly 20 years later a mysterious individual threatens them with their secrets. TheFriends are forced together to address the problem, but make mistakes after another.

Meanwhile, Detective FloraAs she navigates the complicated case, she finds herself in the middle of the storm. WithThe story is full of twists and turns, as the friends keep many secrets. andTurns over the first three episodes. NaturallyThe viewers will have many questions about the bizarre events in this bilingual drama. In that case, here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Now & Then’ episodes 1, 2, and 3! SPOILERS Ahead!

Now & Then Episodes 1, 2, and 3 Recap

The first episode, titled ’20 Years,’ opens with a flashback to the year 2000 when a group of friends is celebrating their graduation on a beach in Miami. The friends, Marcos, Pedro, Alejandro, Ana, Sofia, and DaniEnjoy themselves until AlejandroA stroke occurs. TheFriends drive him to the hospital. HoweverOn the route, they collided with a car driven and driven by a woman. The impact caused them to die. AfterRealizing that Alejandro is also dead, the five put him in the driver’s seat. TheFriends flee the scene andSeek Marcos’ father’s help. LaterThey also destroy footage of their time on the beaches that was recorded by Dani and tell a false story of the night’s events to investigating detectives Sullivan and Flora.

Now and Then Episodes 1, 2, and 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

In the present, the friends’ lives have not panned out as they had imagined. AnUnknown number of texts were sent to the five friends requiring them to attend their college reunion. AfterThey are blackmailed for $1,000,000 or they risk their secrets being revealed. AfterAfter some arguments, the friends decide they will pay the money. and PedroTo pay the blackmailer, he uses his mayor’s election fund. InThe end. MarcosYou can learn more about that DaniThey were being blackmailed all along. HoweverHe arrives at her apartment to confront it, but she is already dead. andThe money is not there.

The second episode, titled ‘Buried,’ opens with the friends attending Dani’s funeral. TheyConfidently speak with Dani’s son, HugoWho doesn’t know about money? AsThe result is PedroHe was forced to find a way to return the money he received from the election fund. MeanwhileThe police ask the question MarcosAbout Dani’s death. FloraSuspects that Dani’s death is linked to Alejandro’s unsolved case from 20 years ago. AsAs a result she checks all the tapes in her box. Dani’s home andDiscovers that one tape is missing. TheEpisode ends with HugoYou can leave town with the money DaniHad taken from her friends.

Episode 3, titled ‘A Bad Decision,’ opens with a flashback to 2000, as FloraDiscover Alejandro’s cell phone. She questions SofiaAbout the messages she sent Alejandro and later deleted. However, SofiaThe situation is kept under wraps. InThe present, SofiaCalls to be questioned Dani’s death. CCTV footage shows that Sofia wasn’t at her hotel andHas no alibi at time of Dani’s death. ThereforeThe police suspect her that she is the killer. Meanwhile, Ana seeks her mother’s help in repaying the money Pedro took. TheFlashback ends the episode Sullivan and FloraDiscover that the accident involved the woman you believe to have died. AlejandroAfter impact, was alive AsThey suspect that this is the result. Alejandro andThe woman was not the only one that night.

Now & Then Episodes 1, 2, and 3 Ending: What HappenedThe Night Alejandro Died?

OverThe first three episodes of this series, the events leading to them. Alejandro’s death are slowly sketched out through flashbacks. As the narrative progresses, viewers learn that the tight group of friends wasn’t exactly on great terms at their graduation. Alejandro and MarcosThey fought over a drug possession case. PedroHe tried to confess his feelings for AlejandroOnly to be heartbroken. Alejandro and SofiaAlso, it can be argued over Marcos. AllWhile you wait, AlejandroHe was already under a lot pressure from his father, forcing him to become a swimming instructor.

Now and Then Episodes 1, 2, and 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

AllThese events suggest that Alejandro’s death wasn’t an accident. ItIt could have been a plot to exact revenge. SoWe know that so far AlejandroThe car crash did not result in his death. InsteadHe had taken too much ecstasy. Ana. AnaLater, they confided in the same in Pedro. However, the third episode’s ending reveals that Jessica ThompsonThe woman who died in the car accident with AlejandroAfter the accident, he was still alive.

TheEnding hints that her friends knew of her survival but chose to not help her. InsteadThey tried to get out of certain jail time. Moreover, HugoIt is revealed to be Jessica’s son, who DaniAdded. ThereforeHe is most likely aware of the whole conspiracy. AllIt is obvious that the mistake made 20 years ago by friends continues to haunt them today. The mysterious death of Dani, Hugo’s secretive motives, and the group’s futures are tied to the night Alejandro died. HenceThe mystery must be solved by friends. Alejandro’s death. HoweverIf Flora and SullivanThey will all be doomed if they don’t tell the truth to their friends.

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