Now and Then Finale Recap and Ending, Explained: Who Are the Killers?

‘Now & Then‘ wraps up theIntermingled Conflicts Marcos, Ana, Pedro, Sofia, and Flora’s lives in an emotionally charged episode. The season finale, titled ‘Tape 35,’ sees theFriends reliving the memories theTrauma from that fateful night 20 years ago FloraTo solve problems that are against all odds, you must win. theThe murders of Alejandro, Jessica Thompson, and Dani.

In the end, theFriends need to find a way to move forward with their lives. theEveryone is left questioning their future when they see their past. NaturallyViewers must seek explanations about the subject. the characters’ fates and the shocking cliffhanger ending. InIn that case, here are the details. the ending of ‘Now & Then’ episode 8! SPOILERS BEFORE!

Now and Then Episode 8 Recap

The season 1 finale of ‘Now and Then,’ titled ‘Tape 35,’ opens with a flashback to 2000, which details theFirst meeting of Sofia and Marcos. A quick summary of the friends’ early days together follows before we return to the present. In the present, Ana cleans up Pedro’s campaign office after his loss to Brady. FrancisSets up a surprise meeting between Ana and Brady. BradyOffers AnaAs he sets his sights on a new career, he takes a job in his workplace the governor’s seat. AnaReturns home andTake into account theJob offer

FloraAfter her surgery, she is doing well theHospital andListens to Belinda’s voicemails. AfterNot being able to reach BelindaShe learns from Belinda’s girlfriend that her partner has been missingFor over twenty-four hours. Fearing for Belinda’s safety, FloraLeaves theHospital to locate her Meanwhile, SofiaIt is revealed that Marcos’ father, Arturo, hid theTape missing Dani’s collection. TheTape contains footage from theNacht Alejandro died. Pedro, Ana, Marcos, and SofiaGather andWatch the tape. AfterLearning theComplete truth from theNacht andFace your fractured relationships the friends decide to destroy the tape.

FloraIt goes to thePolice station andGathers the case’s evidence to track down Belinda. HoweverShe is denied access the station’s security camera. WithAn officer can help you. FloraAccesses theSecurity footage andLearn theSurprising truth about Dani’s murder and Belinda’s disappearance. Elsewhere, MarcosHis father confronts him andDecides to end all ties with Arturo. MarcosGet ready to go ColombiaWith Sofia. Ana and Pedro argue, andTheir relationship begins to crumble. In the end, FloraFaces Dani’s killer in a bid to solve theCase once andFor all.

Now and Then Finale Ending: Who Is Responsible For the Murders?

In the episode’s final act, Floraconnects theHere are some clues Dani’s murder, theMissing evidence and Belinda’s disappearance andArrives at Sullivan’s house. At the house, FloraPresents her findings andAllegations SullivanFalsely closing theCase of Alejandro and Jessica’s deaths andKilling Dani. After FloraHolds SullivanAt gunpoint the former police detective reveals theTruth about theInterrelated murders AsAs previously mentioned, SullivanHelp ArturoCover Marcos and his friends’ involvement in Alejandro and Jessica’s deaths. In exchange, ArturoForked for theTreatment of Sullivan’s wife.

Now and Then Finale Recap and Ending, Explained: Who Are the Killers?

Later, Sullivan killed DaniRetrieved the tape, andIt was handed over to ArturoKeep his criminal activities secret. HeIt also shows that BelindaIs dead andHe was forced by her to kill him theDetective was getting closer to the truth. FloraShe was shocked to discover that her mentor had lied all along. HoweverAfter a brief scuffle with, they agreed to continue their conversation. Flora, Sullivan escapes into the night. Later, FloraRecovery Belinda’s body from thelake and apprehends ArturoFor his involvement in theHis son committed crimes and Sullivan. Ultimately, Sullivanresponsible for theThe murders of  Dani and Belinda. However, theDeaths of Alejandro and JessicaThey were pure chance. andInadvertently caused theGroup of friends Nonetheless, the episode’s final moments free them from their past burdens as Marcos, Sofia, Ana, and PedroTry to move forward in your life.

What HappensTo Pedro, Ana, Marcos, and Sofia?

AfterTheir secret is now safe again Pedro, Ana, Marcos, and SofiaThey decide to move on with the rest of their lives. HoweverSurprising heartbreaks await the friends. In the episode’s final moments, Marcos and SofiaArrive at theAirport to leave from ColombiaJust like they were supposed 20 years ago. HoweverBefore you board the plane, SofiaShe reveals that and DaniBlackmailed theOthers as they desperately need money. Marcos is shaken by Sofia’s deception andRefuses to travel to Colombia. In the end, Marcos and SofiaOnce again, we will part ways theairport, giving their separation a feeling of nostalgia and tragedy.

Now and Then Finale Recap and Ending, Explained: Who Are the Killers?

On theOther than that, PedroIt is disconcerting to learn that Ana considered Brady’s job offer before he was removed as mayor due to corruption charges. TheirConversation hints theA couple may decide to part ways. MoreoverTheir marriage could end due to this. Ana’s unhappiness. In theFinal moments AnaAnnounces her candidacy to be governor Meanwhile, PedroAnnounces his candidacy as mayor TheThis scene is juxtaposed to a flashback of an older version. Ana and PedroLeave home and venturing into adulthood. Thus, the couple’s decisions imply they might find a way to remain together.

TheFallout from theThe emergence of theIt is a mistake theFriends ran from all their lives, which had major ramifications for them. theLives of Pedro, Ana, Marcos, and Sofia. Nonetheless, the quartet and Flora, to whom she was also personally attached theAll people find a way forward in life, regardless of their circumstances. However, the episode’s closing moments suggest that the group’s past might continue to haunt them.

In theFinal scene, 2 years later FloraArrives at the morgue andIs shown a dead body. However, viewers do not see the deceased person’s face ending theSeason on a Cliffhanger TheIt is probable that a dead body will be found Sullivan’s. HisDeath could be the end the show’s events andGive the story a definitive ending. Sullivan’s death would ensure that theTruth about Alejandro’s death never comes out. However, FloraAfter seeing, you are more perplexed then shocked the body. ThusIt is probable that theA dead body is a closely related person theOriginal case from 20 Years ago Moreover, theOne of the following could be a deceased person theFour friends survived, which led to theStart of another difficult period the group’s lives.

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