One Night Stand Korean Drama Cast: Who Are The Cast In The One Night Stand Korean Drama? – News

One Night Stand Korean Drama Cast: Who Are The Cast In The One Night Stand Korean Drama? - News

One Night Stand Korean Drama

One Night StandIs it a Korean drama by Ji Kil Woong. TheThese are the principal leads of this drama Lee Ja EunAnd Joo Hee Joong. ThisDrama was released March28, 2017 and telecasted almost one hour. ThereforeThe age rating for this drama is 18+ The theme of this drama is that the eagerness of the night should have been controlled. 

One Night Stand Korean Drama Cast

Lee Ja Eun  Ji-yeon 
Joo Hee Joong  Jae-hoon 

Main Cast Of One Night Stand Korean Drama

Lee Ja EunAs Ji-Yeon

Lee Ja EunIs it a South KoreanActress, she is well-known for her acting skills and is widely respected. SheShe has been an actor in supporting roles in TV dramas for many years. 

Joo Hee JoongAs Jae-hoon

Joo Hee JoongIs it a South KoreanTelevision series: Actor seen. HeSince 2012, has played both the main lead role and a supporting part in many TV dramas. 

Storyline Of One Night Stand Korean Drama

Ji-Yeon (Lee Ja-eun (interior designer) is currently working on construction of the museum. SheShe is extremely busy preparing for her marriage, but she also has to prepare for her father.-In-Birthday law celebrations Her betrothed, Jae-hoon (Joo Hee-Joong), is likewise very busy. Thus, Ji-YeonBecause of the neglect of her boyfriend, she is hesitant about marrying. It’sThe morning of a key presentation Ji-YeonShe is running in her car because she has overslept. TheThe car eventually stops working and comes to an abrupt halt. Jun-Seok (Bae Jung-Hyun), a mysterious man materializing in front of Ji-Yeon. Ji-YeonThe day is saved with Jun-help, Seok’sThey reunited at her father’s house.-In-Birthday law party. Meanwhile, Ji-YeonHe drinks heavily after his fiance Jae-hoon cancels a party Jun-SeokThe other was watching her and kissed her Ji-Yeon violently. Ji-YeonOne was forced to marry a woman named Judith.-Night encounter with Jun-SeokRefuses to accept it. Jun-Seok, who is gradually becoming more infatuated by Ji-YeonHe says that all he wants for his life is her and continues to pursue her!

Information About One Night Stand Korean Drama

Drama  One Night Stand 
Director  Ji Kil Woong 
Genre Thriller 




MainLeads  Lee Ja Eun 

Joo Hee Joong 

CountryOrigin  South Korea 
Language  Korean 
ReleaseDate  March 28, 2017 
AgeRating  18+

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