Overwatch 2 Zenyatta guide – Tips, Strategies, Counters and more

InThe Overwatchuniverse, there’s two sides to it Omnic Crisis. On the one hand, are the humans who don’t trust robotic life, andThe other is populated by people who are fighting for better omnic life. ZenyattaIs a part of a third-party called the Shambaliomnic monks who preach peaceful living andBoth sides can enjoy peace and tranquility. WhileThis is the truth. ZennyNo problem neutralizing enemies on a battlefield HereHow to play as the SupportCharacter ZenyattaIn Overwatch 2.

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All ZenyattaCapabilities

  • Passives
    • LikeAll Support heroes, ZenyattaIn a matter of seconds, health is restored automatically.
    • Additionally, Zenyatta’s kicking melee has been given additional knockback to help get attackers outOf your face.
  • Orb of Healing (Ability 1)
    • ThrowsAn orb that sticks with a teammate andSlowly, they heal. ReturnsThey will not be allowed to pass behind you for more than a few second.
  • OrbOf Discord (Ability 2)
    • ThrowsAn orb that sticks with an enemy andThey do more damage. ReturnsThey will not be allowed to pass behind you for more than a few second.
  • Transcendence (Ultimate)
    • PutsHealing fields around ZenyattaThat quickly heals teammates andDuring the duration, you are invincible against damage.

ZenyattaThere are two modes of shooting. HisHe uses primary fire to launch one of his orbs at once. more accuracy. TheSecondary fire slowly charges up five of his orbs, which then launch one after another for a rapid-fire attack.

HowTo Zenyatta

While ZenyattaYou are the slowest healer in this game. Your first job should be to ensure that you OrbOf HealingAlways on the side of a teammate. EvenIf you are not close enough, you can ensure that your teammates receive at least some healing. This will keep the fight going. TheThe problem is that you can only heal one person at a time. Make sure to give it to those who really need it. YouYou can see which teammate you have andYour orbs are being attacked andThey are always aware of their current health situation.

Overwatch 2 Zenyatta guide – Tips, Strategies, Counters and more

SimilarlyYou should have your OrbOf DiscordOut whenever you see an adversary. You want to have it on whoever your team’s first target is, so a TankDPS that jumped into your team or a SupportYou are all attacking.

ZenyattaYou should always be on the backside your team. HeAnyone who hits their shots well can inflict some serious damage, but they have no way to escape danger. andOnly his melee is able to give him space when an opponent jumps on him. YouCould be used TranscendenceTo escape danger, but at that point you are completely wasting time Ultimate. OtherwiseYou can only rely on killing attackers or a teammate helping you when they dive on your.

ThereThese are two instances you should consider using Transcendence. OneThis is when your team is being hit hard by the enemies, or they are using a lot of UltimatesOr you can see a fight getting out of control. TheAnother time is when you want a fight to begin. YouYou cannot throw out any orbs during your UltimateIt is active, so be certain to have them out prior to even more.

GoodYou can play with other teammates Zenyatta

ZenyattaIt works best for heroes who are willing to fight or anyone who is willing to help him in his back lines. Tracer, Genji, D.Va, Winston, Reaper, Wrecking Ball, Lucio, Reinhardt, or BriggiteAll heroes can accomplish either side of these tasks. FocusYour Healing OrbThese are the first.

AllCounters andWho to counter Zenyatta

AsThese are the points I made above. ZenyattaHe doesn’t like having enemies in his life. HisThese are the biggest threats. Tracer, Genji, and Sombra. Reaper, Winston, and D.VaYou can jump on him easily, but there are many other options. OrbOf Discord andStaying with your teammates is often a death wish. WithLong-range heroes need fewer shields to protect them. Widowmaker, Hanzo, Sojourn, Pharah, Cassidy, and Soldier: 76 are more likely to hit him now than he was before, so be moreYou should be aware of the cover you have.


TheUse the best enemies ZenyattaThere are larger targets against which you can hit your shots. OfThis applies to everyone in the Tankclass, but Reaper, Cassidy, Ana, Hanzo, and TorbjornThey are all much easier to hit. TheHe is a strong advocate of not fighting enemies alone, unless absolutely necessary.

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