Best Movies Like Tinder Swindler

Movies Like Tinder Swindler

If you’ve ever watched The Tinder Swindler, maybe several times, so now what? Although you might be confused to discover that someone as brilliant as Simon Leviev even exists, most likely, there will be no more similar to him, or even any television shows based on these characters, would you think? Wrong. Also read: 7 … Read more

What’s Wrong? Tiktok Voice Effects Not Showing on IOS 2021 (Easy Fix it)

Tiktok Voice Effects Not Showing

What’s the issue with TikTok voice effects aren’t running on IOS? If this is the question you’ve been asking throughout the day, it’s the right time to put it down. We’ve provided some troubleshooting guidelines to help you solve your Tiktok voice effects not showing or working issue. Tiktok Voice-over effect effects can be an … Read more

Is The Girl Before on Netflix, Hulu, Prime, or HBO Max?

The Girl Before

It is inspired by J.P. Delaney’s namesake novel ‘The Girl Before,’ a psychological thriller featuring Gugu Mbatha-Raw David Oyelowo, Jessica Plummer, and Ben Hardy. The story follows an innocent young woman named Jane whose life takes a radical turn after she leases an ultra-minimalist house. While she initially loves the property’s beauty but as Jane … Read more

Must Watch Movies Like Through My Window: Must Watch on Valentine’s Special

Movies Like Through My Window

Must see Movies like Through my Window: Based on the 2016 Wattpad story written and written by Venezuelan creator Ariana Godoy, this upcoming comedy-drama romance is scheduled to be released in the US on Netflix in February 2022. The director is Marcal Fores the Spanish film has already generated lots of excitement and anticipation. Raquel is … Read more



Netflix isn’t a household name for short films, and they’re not able to make them easily accessible (a search for “short films will not bring the entire catalog up). But it’s important to not underestimate how good they are in their catalogue that contains some genuine treasures. These aren’t free-to-view movies like our usual selections, … Read more