Paper Raises $9.3M in Seed Funding

Paper, San FranciscoNFT payment startup, eBay, raised $7.3m in seed funding after a $2m angel investment.

Theround was co-led Electric CapitalAnd Initialized CapitalParticipation from Polygon, FalconX, Long Journey Ventures, Founders Inc., Alliance DAO, ThirdWeb, Night CapitalThe founders of Plaid, Twitch, Fractal, MagicEden, Eventbrite, TagomiAnd Bison Trails.

Founded in2022 by James SunAnd Edward Sun, Paper is a payment processing company that allows credit card-based, wallet-based, and cross–chain purchases of NFTs. ItThis allows purchases with just email and credit card. It also allows cross-chain payment. ForCustomers using PaperThe company supports the post-checkout utility infrastructure for wallets and signing. This means that purchases can be converted into real-life memberships or benefits verified by blockchain.

SinceLaunch in February, PaperIt is now at $7.5m inGMV annualized ExistingCustomers include Fnatic, Deadmau5, Boohoo?, and yesTheThe brand ory promises to offer the most accessible NFT purchasing technology today.

PaperSupporting more chains is also a priority. The current version is available on Polygon, Ethereum, SolanaAnd Avalanche.



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