Picks Marqeta To Power Best New Card 1

Klarna: Picks Marqeta To Power Best New Card 1(*1*)

Klarna: Picks MarqetaTo power a new card

  • KlarnaHas been on a mission of rehabilitating the environment.Retail banking industry volutionized
  • AnnouncedThe launch ofThe CardIn the US, bringing the company’s popular “Pay in 4” service
  • The CardIssued by Webbank, allows consumers to pay over the time in four, interest free payments with no downpayment
  • In tandem with the launch of the card, a new service “Financial Overview” is now available in the App
  • ConsumersYou can pay for your card purchases using the AppWith transparent, bi-weekly statements that make it easy
  • Also Notifies consumers in real time about all card transactions, and sends alerts about upcoming payments

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