Playground Games could already be working on Forza Horizon 6, job posting reveals

Forza Horizon 6 could already beAccording to a new report, the technology is in development job postingListed by the developer Playground Games. DespiteThe latest installment of the open world racing series. Forza Horizon5. Only releasing in November 2021, Playground Games alreadyIt appears be working onIts sequel.

ThanksTo XGP (and Reddit), a Playground Games jobListing has been discovered, revealing the existence of a development studio. already beIn the throes working on Forza Horizon 6. The development studio is “looking for a level designer to join [its] Forza Horizon team” to “beA part of the level design on” Playground Games’ “next AAA title.”

The jobListing revealsThe game should be played, and it should be Forza Horizon 6, is in pre-production, explainingThat the successful candidate will “work closely with environment artists to create and iterate whitebox environments which prove core gameplay concepts.” Given that Forza Horizon6 seems to be beIn early development, a release may be possible beIt is still a few years away. TheThe series releases its standard content every two years. Forza Horizon5 takes three years. We’ll beExpect a 2024/5 release of number six.

The job description doesn’t go into any details regarding the setting of the next Forza HorizonThe series is well-known for its detailed descriptions of real-world locations. If you’re looking to apply to become a level designer for the next Forza Horizongame, click onThe jobClick here to list. Bear in mind you’ll be workingWith 3DS Max and other proprietary tools, so you’ll need the experience (and beWilling to relocate to Leamington SpaIn the U.K. Hopefully, we’ll see Forza Horizon 6 announced before long now the cat’s out of the bag.

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