Playing Wordle on iPhone or Android? How to reset Wordle streak

Wordle makes it easy to reset your Wordle statistics and word streak. These tips can be used on either an iOS or Android phone.

Have you had a bad Wordle streak recently? It’s not uncommon. The word list was changed after Wordle was purchased by the New York Times. It seems that the words have become more difficult. After a hot streak, some words may not be as common.

We will show you how to reset your Wordle streak. Wordle is supposed to be fun. If you are disappointed with your current streak, it might slow down your enthusiasm. You might also want to reset your streak for other reasons.

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Have you added Wordle to your Home Screen? This is the First Time You Have Deleted It

To delete your Wordle streak you will first need to remove your Home Screen bookmark, if you have one. Hold onto the Wordle bookmark, then tap Delete Bookmark for iPhone or Remove for Android.

After you have done this, you can follow the steps below to reset your streak.

Clear your browser history

Clearing your browser history is the easiest way to reset your Wordle streak. This is possible with almost all browser apps, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. You can do this in any app by going to your history and clicking Delete, or Clear.

Clear your data in settings

You might have to delete all data in your settings if you see the Wordle streak. Users report that clearing browser history does not always work.

You can clear your Safari browser history by going to Settings > Safari and tapping Clear Histories and Website Data. All data in Safari will be deleted. For Android, go to Settings > Apps> > Chrome > Manage Space > Clear All Data.

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You can also uninstall and reinstall third-party browsers. If your Wordle streak hasn’t been reset before, you can do it again.

Do You Need to Reset Your Wordle Streak

Some argue that resetting your Wordle streak doesn’t make sense and you should accept your score. Resetting your Wordle streak is okay. Sometimes, it can be beneficial. For example, if you want to test new words or improve your streak.

It doesn’t matter what reason you have for resetting your Wordle streak. It is easy and possible.

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