Quality Clouds Raises £3.5M in Funding

PictureShows (L to R). Adam HartYFM Investment Director, with the Quality Clouds team: Angel Marquez, CTO; K.C. Watson, CRO; and Albert FranquesaCEO

Quality Clouds, WashingtonServiceNow is a UK-based platform for development governance. Salesforce, raised £3.5m in funding.

TheYFM funds managed by YFM were the source of investment Equity Partners(YFM), in addition to participation from incumbent shareholders as well as incoming non executive directors and advisers.

TheThe company plans to use the funds to expand its global offering and to increase the ability of customers to improve ServiceNow. Salesforce deployments.

LedBy Albert Franquesa, CEO, Quality Clouds provides leadership and developer teams with a suite of development and governance tools. TheCompany was founded in2015, and launched Quality CloudsServiceNow inLate 2016 and Quality CloudsFor Salesforce in 2018. AsOf April2022 saw them scan more than 9,000,000 configuration elements and 60,000,000 lines of ServiceNow. Salesforce code.

TheGrowth is followed by funding inThe USA, where 45% clients are located and where a new team was recently appointed.



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