Rapid Developments in In-Memory Computing and Rising Volumes and Variation of Organizational Data Will Drive Data Fabric Market Growth

OverThe technological advancements of the past few years have been remarkable in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things(IoT), cloud computing andEdge computing has allowed for rapid growth ofBig data, increasing complexity and obstacles for data management among enterprises, resulting inSecurity problems and risks in decision making and data silos. ToMany organizations are looking to solve this problem by adopting advanced solutions like data fabric. DataOrganizations have made it a top priority to improve their management agility in order to reduce human error. andOverall costs

DataFabric is an integrated solution from end to end andManagement solution that includes ofAn architecture that is flexible and secure andFlexible and facilitates self-service data consumption. It automates data discovery, consumption, andGovernance is key to enabling businesses andCompanies can maximize their value chain through data by providing the right data at a right time to enable them to use data. ofIts location. VariousLeading companies invest heavily inResearch and development activities. Thishas resulted in various upgradations, such as addressing integrating complexity, integration of micro-databases in real-time, hyper-automation, hybrid clouds, and storage-agnostic data management.

Market Dynamics

TheGlobal data fabric market reached USD 1.14 Billion in 2020 andCAGR is expected to increase of 27.2% andMarket valuation of USD 7.72 Billion in2028, consistent according to the latest analysis by Emergen Research. Rising volumes andVariation ofOrganizational data andSteady adoption ofCloud services are a key factor in driving global data fabric revenue growth. Rapid developments in inRevenue growth can also be sped up by factors such as -memory computation ofThe market is very active.

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Top Companies in Data Fabric Industry:

SAP SE Informatica, Inc., Global Ids, Inc., International Business Machines Corporation, NetApp, Inc., Oracle Corporation, Splunk, Inc., Teradata Corporation, Idera, Inc., and TIBCO Software, Inc.

FactorsRapid advancements in in-memory computing, andThere is an increasing demand for storage and managing large data across various sectors including BSFI, IT and telecom, manufacturing, healthcare, media andEntertainment, education, and travel and hospitality, andThe forecast period will see growth in global market revenue, including energy. InA rising demand for cloud services and investments are also factors. inAdvanced data fabrics being developed andOther factors that will drive global market growth are the growing demand for streaming analytics in real-time.

HoweverThere are increasing concerns about data integration and low awareness about data fabrics. ofAdvanced tools are operated by skilled professionals and software, andWillingness to invest inSome key factors that can hinder revenue growth are novel technologies ofThe forecast period will see a significant increase in the global market.

Key Highlights From Data Fabric Study:

  1. ServiceSegment revenue is expected to grow at a steady CAGR over the forecast period due to growing need for integration, consultancy and support. andMaintenance services to make implementation easier andOperation ofKnowledge fabric solutions
  2. Small andThe medium-sized enterprise segment is expected to experience a significant revenue growth rate during the forecast period, owing to growing adoption ofData fabric solutions andServices for small businesses andGlobally, medium-sized companies.
  3. OnPredictions are that the -cloud segment will experience steady revenue growth. Rising adoption ofCloud services may continue to drive revenue growth by being used by end-users. ofThis segment.
  4. North AmericaMarket is expected to grow at a much faster rate than other regional markets because of its strong presence ofDomestic andInternational companies offering data fabric solutions andServices Informatica, Inc., Global Ids, Inc., International Business Machines Corporation, NetApp, Inc., Oracle Corporation, and Splunk, Inc. Among others inCountries in the region

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