Remix Therapeutics Raises $70 Million in Series B Financing

Remix Therapeutics, CambridgeMassachusetts-based biotechnology company, Founded in 2000, specializes in small-molecule therapies that reprogram RNA processing to treat diseases. It has raised $70M in Series B funding.

TheRound was led By SurveyorParticipation from Foresite Capital, Atlas Venture, The Column Group, Arch Venture Partners, Alexandria Venture Investments, Casdin Capital.

TheCompany plans to use the funds to develop its REMaster technology platform, and to advance a pipeline of RNA processing targeted therapies.

LedBy Peter Smith, Ph.D., Co-FounderAnd Chief Executive Officer, Remix TherapeuticsTo advance a pipeline full of breakthrough therapies, data analytics, next-generation chemistry, and high-throughput screening technologies are all used. The company’s innovative approach has the unique ability to precisely identify and target RNA processing steps to enhance or eliminate protein function, or to correct dysregulation in disease.

RemixRecently, we entered into strategic collaboration with Janssen PharmaceuticaNV, one among the Janssen Pharmaceutical CompaniesOf Johnson & JohnsonFor the discovery and development small molecule therapeutics that affect RNA processing Remix’s REMaster drug discovery platform.



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