Rensair Raises $7M in Series A Funding

Rensair, LondonAir purification company based in the UK raised $7m in Series A financing.

TheRound was led By Hoxton Ventures.

TheCompany plans to use the funds to expand its global presence, create a wider product portfolio with IoT connectivity, as well as invest. in marketing outreach.

Founded in May2020 DanishTwins Christian Frederik Hendriksen, RensairProvides a portable, hospital-grade air purifier ScandinavianHospitals and is now expanding its applications to all industries, including care homes, dental offices and offices, as well as gyms, entertainment venues, and retail outlets. TheThis device traps and destroys all airborne bacteria and viruses. Coronavirus family.

TheThe company currently serves over 800 clients, including CBRE. Disney, Morgan Stanley, PepsiCo. SNCF and the UK National Health Service (NHS).

Rensair, whose first year’s sales were inThe company, which is valued at millions, also announced that it has purchased AirLabs, a UK-based air filtration business. DenmarkCompany that specializes in air cleaning and monitoring. TheAcquisition brings IoT and complementary filtration technologies along with established products like the compact AirBubbl that supplies purified air to personal spaces and can be fitted to car seat headrests or mounted inDriver cabins

Rensairis headquartered in LondonWith operations inThe UK EuropeUSA and Asia.



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