Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

In the seventh episode of ‘RentYou can find more information at Girlfriend’ season 2 titled ‘Ex and Girlfriend,’ KazuyaAfter the party, he can’t recall what happened. LaterThat’s it for today. MamiVisits the karaoke club where he works and Ruka becomes suspiciousYou can find more information atbout Kazuya’s behavior around her. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Rent a Girlfriend’ or ‘Kanojo, (*7*)’ season 2Episode 7. SPOILERS BEFORE!!

Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

When Kazuya finally wakes up the morning after the drinking party, he still can’t recall what really happened the previous night. AlthoughHe vaguely recalls. ChizuruTake care of him KazuyaIt is unclear if it was a dream. WhenHe checks his phone and is shocked to see himself in the same group as the people from the party. KazuyaConsider adding ChizuruTo his contact, but is afraid of being yelled upon by her.

WhenHe visits his college and meets everyone from the party once again andActs as if nothing is unusual. DeepHe is grateful that no one has found out about him. ChizuruIt could have had far-reaching effects. After college, KazuyaTo go to work, goes to the Karaoke Bar. RukaHe is eagerly awaiting him there andHe tries reminding him of the romantic moment they shared a few weeks ago.

KazuyaIs reluctant to romance her at this time andAvoid her advances. ButSurprised to find out that he actually saw it, he was shocked. MamiVisit the shop. InsteadHe is prone to overanalyzing the situation and tries to stay cool, but fails miserably. Although RukaFollow him as they discuss things MamiHe manages to cleverly take her to a private place so that she can fully enjoy the space. Karaoke bar.

Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

OnceThe two of them are together, and they speak a lot openly. MamiReminds KazuyaThey have already been to the karaoke once before. Rukasecretly listening to their conversation. But luckily Kazuya is able to spot her before it’s too late. Butas he tries for something. RukaShe becomes a little suspicious when she is away from her home. and decidesTo stick around to find out what’s cooking between the two of them.

Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 7 Ending: Why Does Ruka Fight Mami? How Does Kazuya’s Ex React to Her Emotional Outburst?

After RukaAfter having had enough, she decides not to hold back any longer. ByThis time, she has already heard her boyfriend speak to her MamiShe is suspicious about her past participation in karaoke. HoweverWhen she inquires about their relationship and meets with a representative, MamiSays that they are just friends. ToEven worse, she says that RukaProbability is a fan Kazuya- Which is why she is asking about him. HerComments infuriate RukaWho wants to tell her? KazuyaHer boyfriend.


ButBefore she can do that, KazuyaSensing the tension andThis stops her. That’s when RukaFinally realizes that MamiHe is actually his ex-girlfriend. BecauseThis is why KazuyaIt was so strange around her. RukaHas had enough andFaces the challenges MamiHer strange behavior. SheShe screams at her for the following KazuyaAround andShe tried to interfere with his private life, even though she was the one who left him.

RukaLet’s get started MamiYou should know that she is currently dating Kazuya now. WhenShe asks why he wanted to rent a girlfriend when he already had her. RukaShe explains that she is a girlfriend who would do anything for her man. MamiIs left dumbfounded andIt does not argue back. SheJust a sincere apology to the couple andYou can leave the karaoke bar without saying a word.

What Does Mami Realize After Meeting ChizuruOn the Train?

After paying, MamiThe karaoke club is immediately closed andDoes not look back once. Ruka’s emotional outburst is too much for her to bear andShe just wants to go home as soon possible. ThereforeShe boarded the train and to her surprise, she met Chizuru there. SheShe has been thinking a lot lately about the purse she saw. Kazuya’s apartment andIt belonged to, he concluded. Ruka. HoweverShe was shocked to discover the shocking truth. ChizuruIt is important to keep it with you. ItShe is still meeting him andHe probably also spent the night in his apartment.

Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

HoweverShe keeps her thoughts to themselves andAsks ChizuruSit with her. TheyTalk little andThis includes mundane things in life. BothThey all get down at the same station, but they each go their separate ways. MamiAsks ChizuruWhether she sees still Kazuya. Unsurprisingly, ChizuruHowever, there are some declines MamiShe knows it for certain that she is lying.

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