Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 8 Recap and Ending, Explained

In the eighth episode of ‘Rent a (*8*)’ season 2 titled ‘Youth and (*8*),’ RukaWe are sorry. Kazuya for being rude to MimiThe previous day. KazuyaLater hires ChizuruThe entire day andThe duo go on a planned date. ChizuruTells him about a career changing opportunity while they are hanging around. KazuyaHis rental girlfriend was beyond thrilled. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Rent a (*8*)’ or ‘Kanojo, Okarishimasu’ season 2Episode 8. SPOILERS BEFORE!!

Rent A (*8*) Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

TheDay after day, a horrible encounter between Ruka and Mami, KazuyaHe calls his girlfriend for a long video conference. WhileShe eventually apologizes for her rude behavior by talking about random things andShe claims that she should have been more graceful. MamiIt also Kazuya’s classmate. HerBoyfriend reassures her MamiTheir relationship is not at risk andShe should not worry about her.

LaterThat’s it for today. KazuyaBook it ChizuruAs a girlfriend for the whole day andThis time, I plan to be a little more selfish. HeAsks her to come in school uniform andWear one to the date WhenWhen they finally meet, he is captivated by her beautiful eyes. HeAsks her to hold his hands andThe couple walks around the city as if they were a normal couple.

When KazuyaHe finally finds a food stall and realizes that he wants food with her, just as he had planned. HoweverHe does not want to tell her about his plans. WhenHe asks ChizuruIf she is hungry, she will reply in the affirmative. HeOrders something from the stall, but doesn’t buy anything. As ChizuruFinally, she receives her order. She asks KazuyaIf he would like a bite. KazuyaHe could finally see the plan working. andThe duo ends sharing food, something he has always wanted. andHe has also added to the day’s plans.


WhenThey are walking casually in a mall. ChizuruInstantly notices that SumiIs it possible to shop in the store? SheShe immediately runs from her together with Kazuya. ChizuruDoes not want her friend in the school dress. ButWhen they are about run away Sumi hears a familiar voice andTurns around. SheShe sees the duo running from her, but couldn’t speak.

Rent A (*8*) Season 2 Episode 8 Ending: Does Kazuya ManageTo Fulfill AllThis is His Date Plans?

Once KazuyaHe has shared food with Chizuru andIt was also important to avoid running into Sumi, the duo realizes that it’s time to enjoy other plans for the day. AtThis is it. MizuharaNot only did they notice that KazuyaHe had made a list with things he wanted to do, but he also gave him assurance that there is nothing embarrassing about it. ThereforeThey then go into a photo booth to take a few photos.

Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 8 Recap and Ending, Explained

HoweverWhen? KazuyaHe has a few options on screen to choose a pose. He feels embarrassed and is quite indecisive. ChizuruNotice his hesitation andShe chooses a romantic pose. AsThey click photos KazuyaHe can’t contain his excitement. TheyEven though they may hug for the first time, they are too embarrassed to look at one another in the eyes when the session ends. AfterThey then head to a FerrisThe wheel gives you a great view of the city.

As ChizuruShows a desire to show KazuyaThe duo are left in a very uncomfortable situation after one slips. TheShe slaps the former as a reflex, although she apologizes just a few moments later. ChizuruShe loves her job and is happy to help the socially anxious people she helped become more confident. and self-assured. AfterThey fall down. KazuyaPurchases the couple’s photo taken before boarding the aircraft FerrisYou can buy a wheel for 1,000 yen

Does Chizuru GetAn Acting Opportunity?

OnceThe long, tedious day is finally over. Kazuya and ChizuruYou can walk home holding hands as if you were a normal couple. MizuharaInstantly, you recall something andTells KazuyaIt turned out that another producer was present at the theater and watched her performance. HeLater, I reached out to her andNow she is under his tutelage. KazuyaRealizing that she will soon be returning to stage, he promises to be there just as last time. HisHis support seems to have made her feel grateful, so she shared the news with him.

Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 8 Recap and Ending, Explained

However, she also adds that acting opportunities mean that will be quitting her present job sometime in the near future, so he won’t be able to hire her anymore. AlthoughIt means: KazuyaYou might not be able or able to spend enough time with them. MizuharaHe is thrilled to see her closer to her goals. andAll her hard work is finally paying off.

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