All Risk of Rain 2 Lunar Coins Cheat 2022: Risk of Rain 2 Cheat Guide

One ofThe most important items of the Risk ofIt rains 2The lunar coins. TheyIt can be used in BazaarThat is between RealmsTo buy in-game items and to unlock survivor status in the game
InYou can get powerful items by using lunar coins at certain levels of the game.

TheThe best way to get all the characters in the game is to grind the enemies out. ofIt rains 2 game.

HereIs HowTo cheat lunar coins in danger ofIt rains 2

ForA player should be able to take advantage ofHere are some steps to avoid cheating the lunar coins

  • HeadMove on to the steam file, located on the drive C.
  • ThenGo to the Userdata
  • ThereThere is only one folder, so you will need to open it. TheName of the folder is called “632360”.
  • AfterNext, open the remote folder. Userprofiles folder.
  • ThenUpon opening the XML file you will see a prompt to open it with a Notepad.
  • InThe line 4 of the XML file, you would see a code tag like this “<coin></coin>”. TheNumber ofThe coins the player has in possession ofYou would be between the brackets.
  • IfIf you are unable to locate it, then please open the edit menu NotepadOr any other TextUse the editor. Click on find, and then type “coin” into the find box and hit enter.
  • YouCan then continue to change the value ofYou can convert coins into any number you like So if you want say 40 coins, you would key in <coin></coin>

ThisThis is a simple trick that can net you any amount ofMoon coins that you will need in the Risk of Rain 2 game.

SinceIf you are confused about what the moon coin does in the game it is important to grab them when they drop in the games. ThisThere are many ways to have more than enough ofThese sweet lunar coins are just too good to pass up.

OtherInteressant Lunar ItemsThese are the places you will find in the Risk ofIt rains 2game

OtherThere are many more than lunar coins ofThere are other moon items that a gamer could indulge in.  It’s not enough to just know the items, it is important to learn how to use them.  HereThis is an overview ofThese are the most interesting lunar objects you will find in the Risk of rain game.

Beads of Fealty

ThisThis is an interesting lunar item. Risk ofIt rains 2 game. ItIt is important for gamers to understand that this does not affect stats. WhenYou can make yourself a savage with the Beads of FealtyInstead of running, you would instead go to a different area in the game.

TheThe best way to ensure you are ready for the end of the game fight is to keep this lunar item on hand.

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Brittle Crown

WithThis lunar item allows a gamer to quickly earn gold, so they can open up a new chest during the run. WhenYou can have this lunar item on any of your game characters, and you’ll get two gold every time you are hit.


ThisAn interesting lunar item that can make players appear very tanky. ItsUnique feature is that it doubles the healing speed ofThe game character.

Defiant Gouge

ThisIt is one ofThe greatest lunar items available in the Risk ofIt rains 2 game. WhenThis lunar item is best used when you come in contact with your foes. When the Defiant GougeWhat is the inventory? ofIt can be used to summon enemy players.

Focused Convergence

FocusedPlayers can use convergence to move through a teleporter zone at speed. WithWith this lunar item, the player can move 30 percent faster.
AllThe same thing, the teleporter zones in question would shrink to fifty percent.

Gesture ofThe Drowned Lunar Item

ThisA lunar item can be used in conjunction with the right items. WithThe Gesture ofA player can reduce the time for your equipment’s charge by half if it is already drowned in their inventory. TheThere are only two major problems ofThis equipment would activate once the cooldown has ended.

Mercurial Rachis

ThisMoon item is a bit ofGambling can be both rewarding and damaging to your enemies.  ThisYou can use the item to make an award ofPower in a random place that is on the map


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