Rocket League Voice Chat Not Working, How To Turn Off Voice Chat In Rocket League? – News

Rocket League Voice Chat Not Working, How To Turn Off Voice Chat In Rocket League? - News

Rocket League

Rocket LeagueA well is a well-Video game in the soccer genre. Itwas published by Psyonix. In July2015 saw the launch of the game. Microsoft WindowsPlayStation 4 with Nintendo SwitchAnd Xbox OnePorts will be added later. Rocket LeagueIt was praised for its Battle-Cars’s improvements in gameplay and for the graphics and the overall presentation of the game, but it was criticized for its physics engine. 

Rocket League Voice Chat Not WorkingPC

Rocket LeagueA well is a well-Most well-known and most popular vehicle-Based soccer game. TheGame recently released a new update on May 10, 2022. TheUpdate re-The feature of in has been added-Game voice chat has been removed from the game because of technical issues last year. TheThe feature has been restored to the game to allow for the creation of the Rocket LeagueThe game becomes more fun when the players can communicate with one another during the game.

ButMany players, particularly PC players, were reporting on the issue of Rocket League Voice Chat Not Working. ThePlayers need to allow the Voice ChatYou can enable the feature by changing the settings 

How To Turn Off Voice Chat In Rocket League? 

AsAs we have already mentioned, Rocket League developers PsyonixRe-After a long time, the voice chat feature was added to the game. ButMany players are looking for something. Rocket League Voice Chat Not Working.  TheyYou will need to enable voice chat in the settings. 

Playerscan TurnYou can use the voice chat to do the following:

  • LaunchThe Rocket League game.

  • FromSelect the menu item from the main menu. Settings

  • SelectYou can also check the chat option by clicking here Enable Voice Chat option.

  • PlayersYou can also disable or turn the off Voice Chatby not checking the Enable Voice Chat option. 

Rocket League Gameplay

Rocket LeagueSimilar to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-CarsIn terms of gameplay. InThe participants must score a goal by driving their motorized vehicles. TheThe game lasts five minutes. If the teams are tied, the tiebreaker will decide the outcome. TheA player can leap into air, get momentum, spin and nudge the ball, and then dodge it. There’sThere is also an online mode where participants can compete against each other for higher prizes-Ranking players PsyonixThey have always prioritized updating their loyal fans. YouYou can now buy custom items to improve your gaming experience. 

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