Satisfactory Coal Generator Guide – Where To Find And How To Get Satisfactory Coal

ThisThis article is a practical guide to where to find coal for a satisfying game. BeforeBefore we can get into the details of how to get coal in the game we must first understand how it is obtained and why it is important for the player. ItIt is crucial for a satisfied gamer to understand that coal is used to produce power and output. PlayersMost people use this resource to infuse their cars.-Game mechanics that are used for smelting and steel production.

WhenTo power a generator, coal is used in this game. It would then burn for four seconds. NowWe now know what cola is used in the game. Let’s find out how to get it in a satisfactory game.

WhereCan a satisfactory generator of coal be found in the game

InThe game map of satisfactory contains many lakes and rivers. ThisThis is why you will need to find a single node in the in-Game maps can be extremely difficult.

TheThis is because the satisfactory coal generator is often far away from the four initial starting points. OnAdditionally, they are heavily guarded against evil aliens. SometimesA coal generator can be hidden in an obscure spot that would take a while to reach. ThisThis is why it would be necessary to plan well in order to reach the generator.

HowTo Get CoalIn Satisfactory Game

GettingIt’s not difficult to use coal in a satisfying game.  ThereThere are several ways a satisfying gamer can get their coal. These are the points we will be discussing in the next paragraphs. ThereThere are many fun ways to do it in the game.

OneIf the gamer wants to get the coal by himself, this is the best and easiest approach. HereThe gamer will need to use his hands to pick up the coal in the in.-game world. TheThe player would have to approach the JetBlack resource, then Press ETo mine the coal.

AnotherIt is possible to create resource nodes, which are a more efficient way of getting coal in the satisfying game. AsYou can use this in as a miner-You can use this game to extract coal automatically. ThisAfter they have been extracted, the player is able to collect all of them.

InIn addition, the dogs are tamed Lizzard DoggosThe game can also give the player coal as an present.  WithAll these coals are derived from the previous-The steps mentioned above are not necessary for the player to become a coal producer in the satisfying game.

About the coal generator  and where you can find them

ThereThere are many intriguing sources of power within the satisfactory game. OneOne of them is the coal generator. AlthoughThere are other options, too, such as BiomassGenerator, the fuel generator, and the geothermal generator are just a few examples.

TheThe coal generator is a giant rumbling machine that produces amazing smoke.-Spewing stack TheyThey are a good source for power once they are unlocked in Tier 3. TheThe coal generator can provide a tremendous power output of over 75MW and help players expand their base quickly. AnotherInteresting thing about the coal generator in satisfactory is that it is not over-clockable.

TheThe coal generator is not a perfect power generating machine. InHere are the two main downfalls of the generator:

  • TheCoal shuts down when the fuel requirements are not met. It always requires a lot water and coal supply.
  • AnotherThe downside to the coal generator? It is difficult to set it up in the game.

A quick guide to the enjoyable game

HereThis is all you need about the satisfactory coal generator setup. LikeAs mentioned earlier, it can be daunting to play the game without a good understanding of the guide. TheThe game begins by shooting down an alien planet, then you are expected to kick.-Building a large factory is a good idea.

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ThisFor beginners, it can be overwhelming. Here are some tips.-Winy guide:

The Hub

TheThe game begins with a small pod that drops the player onto a planet of their choice.  ItIt is important that the gamer understands that every planet has its own advantages and drawbacks when it comes to setting up a factory.

MostThe grass fields would be able to produce more biomass over time.
TheHub is the place where you would find the pod of a gamer once you have landed on the planet.


OneMining is one the most rewarding parts of the satisfying game. TheThe hub computer would give the player milestones. These are the materials you would need to key in to the computer.

ThereThis scanner can scan for minerals such as iron and other minerals in a shorter time.


OnceOnce you have collected enough material, you would need to bring them back into the hub. WhenYou would then need to start crafting if you brought the materials back. TheThe way you get the materials will determine how you achieve the milestones. ItIt is important that gamers note that the pod has a crafting table that can also be used.

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