Secret Headquarters End Credits Scene, Explained

Paramount+’s ‘Secret Headquarters’ is the story of a regular guy named JackWho finds an extraterrestrial source for energy that gives him superpowers. While he dedicatedly takes care of the great responsibility that comes with his great powers, he doesn’t have time to spend with his family. ThisHis secret can have a negative impact on his relationship with his son. AsEveryone, heroes and villains, converge on the energy source. Many things are changed within a matter of days. WhileGets the chance to go back in his original life. Ansel ArgonIt ends up in another dimension altogether. If you are wondering what happened to him, then we’ve got you covered. SPOILERS BEFORE

Secret Headquarters End Credits: WhereIs Ansel Argon?

Ansel Argon’s main purpose for getting his hands on the Sourcehe would use its incredible power to further his own ends. While he claims to use those powers to their full potential, even he doesn’t quite know what the SourceIt is possible. WhileHe focused his energy on the search for the Source and cooked up plans to use it for himself, he didn’t pay much attention to the origins of the otherworldly energy. ButHe gets a taste of it at the end.

Image Credits: Hopper Stone/Paramount Pictures

AfterThere was a lot of running and fighting around the high school. ArgonFinally, he can finally get his hands on the Source. ButWhile he is busy looking through the Source, amazed at getting his hands on something so powerful that it will forever change his life, he doesn’t notice CharlieThrowing a bomb at him. HeIt is only when the bomb goes off or the energy blast from it that you notice it. SourceIt creates a portal which throws Argon into a completely different dimension.

ItIt turns out that there is more to it. SourceOther than building weapons of destruction, you can do it. InThe first scene. Irons chases after it in the sky, but it isn’t revealed where the SourceActually, it came from. DueThe government isn’t keen to let the public know about its extraterrestrial nature because of its non-sensical nature. EarthThat has come from another dimension. DueThis is why no one really thinks about the origins of the Source. WhereWhere did it come from? Earth?

ItIt certainly has an eye to good people. It trusts carefully and only when it is right. ItIt can also predict the future and show the possibilities of how it might turn out. CharlieAnd Irons. PerhapsThis is how it works The GuardSave the world. Considering this, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to believe that it also has the power to create a door to the other dimension, maybe even the one that it came from. ItThrows ArgonThere, it seems that this is something that SourcePossibly.

BecauseWe see ArgonHe may have been left there alone, and he could have been thrown in an alternate dimension prison with no escape route. HeHe is the only one there, alone in the dark, which must have been scary for him. However, it is good news to the people around him. EarthBecause they are now safe from the villain or at least one of them who wanted to abuse them SourceTo make the world a better for himself and for everyone else.

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