10 Best Sega Saturn Emulators for Android, PC and Console

A Sega SaturnEmulator is software that brings your sega to life. SaturnEnjoy a game console experience on your PC. ThereThere are many good emulators on the market forYour android and PCHowever, this article is aimed at the 10 best sega Saturn emulators forThe gaming experience.

HereThese are the 10 Best Emulators for Sega Saturn2022

1. RetroArch

RetroArch sega saturn emulator

TheRetroArch is the best sega-saturn emulator in our listicle. ItIt is one of the most popular because it can be used on multiple devices. RetroArch can be used by gamers on their devices. Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android, andMany other devices are available.

TheRetroArch is an emulator that supports other gaming consoles than sega. ItSupport Nintendo 64, Playstation, Wii, Gameboy, and more.

ItIt is important that you note that this console has manual mapping or automatic controller configuration.

2. Mednafen

Mednafen emulator

AnotherThe interesting sega emulator can be found here Mednafen. ItA console emulator that functions as a portable multisystem emulator. The MednafenEmulator allows you to enjoy the ease of remapping hotkey functions, joystick facility, and game rewinding. andSave game states.

ThisEmulator allows players to take screenshots andWhile playing a, save them in ONG Sega-supported game. AlsoIt is worth noting that it can be used by the gamer for recording audio-visual moves QuickTime file format

3. Bizhawk


IfYou are searching for an engaging sega emulator forYour PCThen, make Bizhawk a must-choose. ItAllows the gamer speed runs. Although BizhawkThis plugin runs on top MednafenIt is a high-quality sega gaming emulator.

This sega console emulator for PCGamers can enjoy frame rate manipulation andSave States ItAlso, a comprehensive input mapper is available forThe gamepad and peripherals. AnotherThe interesting benefit of using the Bizhawk SegaEmulator is the rewinding option andFrame stepping.

4. SSF


Number 4 SegaThe SSF is the emulator in our listicle. ItCool emulator available for both your laptop and Android device. OneInteresting fact about the SSF SegaEmulator allows you to play games. SaturnGames as ROMs.

This is a feature that a lot of emulators don’t provide. AnotherThe thing that makes an SSF emulator stand out is the fact that it doesn’t need a BIOS to run. YouYou can automatically save your sega games states andDo not be afraid to lose your game progress.

5. Yabause

Yabause sega emulator

YabauseIs this a Sega EmulatorThat was the original design. Linux. ItLater, it was ported to Windows OS andThen MacOS so that more people can enjoy the incredible emulation experience.

TheBecause of its smooth, high resolution video emulation, sega emulator is considered the best. ItAllows gamers to enjoy their favorite games with high graphics quality.

6. Satourne

Satourne emulator

SatourneThis is an interesting sega emulator, which makes our listicle forA good reason. ThisSimple SegaEmulator supports SCSP plugins and VDP. and controller support.

ItImportant forA sega player to note that the SatourneGame has been around for a long time forIt takes a while. AlthoughIt has been outdone by newer creations, the SatourneCan still be considered a leader in many ways.

7. Saturnin

Saturnin emulator

Another interesting sega SaturnOur list is Saturnin. IfYou are eager to jump into your classic sega game andThis emulator is the only thing that can be used. for you. ItIt is important that you note that the original menu of the SaturninIs French.

ThisThis is because the sega emulator’s developer is French. TheThis emulator is 7ThThe only thing that is missing from our listicle is the fact that it has not been updated in over a decade since its release in 2005.

8. Nova

Nova emulator

The next best SegaEmulator is in our listicle Nova. NovaA simulator that emulates the Sega Titan VideoArcade hardware (ST-V). ItMade our list of top ten SegaIt is fast and user-friendly, which makes emulators a great choice. and compatible.

The NovaEmulator supports many cheats, including loading, debugging and saving, as well as recording. and upscaling.

9. MasterEmu

MasterEmu sega saturn emulator

MasterEmu comes from a C-based company. PC emulator port. ItIt is a must-have because of its many features for sega gamers.

This emulator features solid controller support, AndroidTV support, ROM Directory support andThere are many more. ItIt is important to remember that MasterEmu’s last update was in 2020.

10. MD.emu

MD.emu saturn emulators

MD.emu, a sega emulator, is only available on Android devices. ItIt is important that you note that this emulator was built on parts of Genesis Plus, Mednafen, and Picodrive. ItIt is important to remember that the MD.emu emulator uses a minimalistic user interface andIts main focus is how video can be used. and audio latency.

JustMD.emu is a sega emulator that boasts cheat code support and configurable controls. It also has auto-save. and manual-save capabilities.

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