Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie Episode 9 Recap and Ending, Explained

In the ninth episode of ‘(*9*)’s Not Just a Cutie‘ titled ‘Innocence and Clumsiness,’ the titular protagonist worries about why her boyfriend sought the help of InuzukaInstead of her after she became ill. LaterThat day, she visited the mall with NekozakiThe place where the two friends meet Kamiya. MuchTo Nekozaki’s surprise, (*9*) and KamiyaEnd up spending a great together, enjoying each other’s company. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of (*9*)’s Not Just a CutieEpisode 9. SPOILERS Ahead!

(*9*)’s Not Just a Cutie Episode 9 Recap

AfterArriving at school in the morning InuzukaHis classmates are informed by him IzumiIt is not well andHe asked him to take notes on that day. HoweverIt turns out that Nekozaki, (*9*), and HachimitsuYou already know all about it. ButThe sad protagonist is the title character IzumiI didn’t tell her about the notes, but instead, I turned to Inuzuka for help.

Meanwhile, Inuzuka feels terrible that his friend’s girlfriend sees him as aFor some reason, rivals LaterThat day, he even asked NekozakiIf she hates him. However, Nekozaki argues that (*9*) always talks highly of him whenever they are alone. AsHe is leaving for Izumi’s house, Inuzuka is joined by (*9*), who also wants to check up on her boyfriend.

TheyFirst visit aShopping store to grab aFew things to consider IzumiWe are pleasantly surprised to see! HachimitsuThey are waiting outside. SheIs actually sent by Nekozaki to ensure that there are no problems between (*9*) and Inuzuka. SoWhen? HachimitsuWhen she meets them, she argues the titular protagonist subconsciously sees InuzukaAs a brother. TheThe observation is also fascinating to the latter. and wonders whether (*9*) sees him as aBecause of this, rivals are often drawn to it.

Therefore, Hachimitsu manages to successfully ensure that (*9*) and Inuzuka’s differences do not become too big of an issue. LaterThat’s it for today. Nekozaki and (*9*) go to aShopping malls where the former spots were Kamiya. AlthoughHer friend is reluctant talk to her. NekozakiBegrüßung Kamiya andInvites her for the rest of the day. While they have only competed as rivals on the court, (*9*) and KamiyaThey seem to be comfortable around one another.

When NekozakiWhen she goes to the bathroom, the title protagonist even asks her new friend for a game aYou can play with him. TheTwo win lots of toys in the end NekozakiShe is happy to see them both getting along, however. AfterAfter spending some time at the mall the trio moves on to the basketball court. UnfortunatelyTwo delinquents who have been there before allow them to play, but only if they play against them. They don’t know that their opponents are great athletes.

Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie Episode 9 Recap and Ending, Explained

As the game begins, (*9*) and KamiyaTo outperform your competitors, show great athleticism andWithin a matter of minutes, you can see the difference. TheChallengers don’t last long and (*9*) and KamiyaYou will win the game.

(*9*)’s Not Just a Cutie Episode 9 Ending: Why Does Kamiya ApologizeTo Nekozaki? Does She Become Friends With (*9*)?

After a long day, Kamiya and Nekozaki say goodbye to (*9*) before they head home. WhileThe two friends start talking about their school experiences as they travel. and KamiyaRealizes something. SheWe are sorry. Nekozakifor declining to go out with her. WhileShe doesn’t know what causes her sudden to say that. It appears she spends the day with her. and (*9*) has changed her opinion about them.

Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie Episode 9 Recap and Ending, Explained

KamiyaShe is well-known at school, so she gets approached by aMany students want to spend time with her. UnfortunatelyThis has made it more difficult to make meaningful friendships. ButSpending time with Nekozaki and (*9*) appears to have changed that, which is why she even tells the latter that she will meet her as aThe friend was there the next day. SoIt was not just that. Kamiya manage to become friends with (*9*), but it appears that she has also formed aBond a NekozakiBy getting to know her.

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