Raises $5 Million in Seed Funding,A San FranciscoCA-based provider of an AI driven patented platform that creates highlights and streams video games, and for esports teams and leagues, raised $5M in Seed funding.

TheRound was led by White Star CapitalParticipation from Progression Fund, Eterna Capital, Play Ventures, Mindset Ventures, Xoogler Ventures.

TheCompany plans to use the funds for official launch of global open access.

LedBy Vijay KoduriCo-founder and CEO SizzleWorks with streamers and leagues of esports to provide personalized highlights that are automatically generated from TwitchYou can also stream it on YouTube. WithDeep AI to analyze video, chat and audio’s patented technology determines the best highlights in gameplay – including action sequences (battles, kills, goals), funny moments, players involved, weapons used, endings and more – and automatically pulls them. TheseIndividual moments, which can last between 15-30 seconds each, are easily shared across a variety of social platforms such as TikTok. Twitter Discord, and can be personalized for each fan based their favorite games, players, types of play, and without creating multiple video files. InIn addition, these highlights can be used SizzleYouTube is a great place to create short compilations of 3 to 5 minutes.

TheStartup collaborates with esports streamers, teams, and leagues to create automated highlights and trailers of their gameplay.

PUBG Esports AmericasThis is an excellent example of how a company can use the platform. They leverage the highlights portal after every stream to find the most interesting moments of the day and post them on social media.



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