SLAMcore Raises $16M in Series A Funding

SLAMcore, LondonThe UK-based company, which provides a vision-based mapping and location service for robots and autonomous machines, has raised $16M in Series A funding.

TheROBO led round Global VenturesAnd Presidio VenturesParticipation from Amadeus Capital Partners, Global BrainIP Group, MMC, Octopus, Samsung Ventures, Toyota Ventures, Yamato Holdings.

TheCompany plans to use the funds in order to expand its operations and its business reach.

LedCEO Owen Nicholson, SLAMcoreDeep learning helps robots, consumer goods, and drones to identify physical space, objects, people, and places around them inTo autonomously navigate the real-world. ItsAlgorithms allow robots of all kinds, from domestic vacuum cleaners to precision industrial automated vehicles, to accurately map the physical environment and locate themselves within that maps using what is known as “Algorithms”. Simultaneous LocalizationAnd Mapping (SLAM). TheAR and VR headsets can also be made using this technology. They require precise alignment of virtual and physical worlds and require accurate mapping and location.



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