Spy x Family Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

In the sixth episode of ‘Spy x Family‘ titled ‘The Friendship Scheme,’ the show follows the ForgersAs they prepare for Anya’s first day at Eden Academy. LoidHe meets secretly with one of his colleagues to discuss strategies for the second stage. Operation Strix. TheA second plan is devised by a secret spy to counter the primary strategy of gaining closer to their target. Donovan Desmond fails. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Spy x Family’ episode 6. SPOILERS BEFORE!

Spy x Family Episode 6 Recap

AnyaVisit the local tailor shop together with Yor and Loidto have her school uniform sewed before her first day of school. WhileAfter taking measurements, the woman there congratulated the couple and warned them about the tension between the student of influential families. andThose with humble backgrounds SheEven the bullying is claimed by some. andConflicts between these groups can lead to kidnapping or even violence.

Spy x Family Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

While Loid and YorDo not take the woman too seriously AnyaFeels a bit insecure TheyEnjoy lunch at a restaurant where a secret spy receives an encrypted communication from his allies regarding a meeting in five working days. WhenThe important day is here LoidHe visits a secret agency where he meets SylviaShe expresses her dismay at the mounting bills he has been paying in recent days. SheThen, she explains that she invited him to discuss the next stage of the project. Operation Strix.

Although AnyaHe has been able get into Eden Academy, getting closer to DesmondThis is not an easy task. Students who do well academically and in extra-curricular activity earn the privilege of meeting him – accompanied by their parents. So, SylviaTells LoidHe must raise an honors student to help him accomplish his mission. This seems almost impossible. Loid.

Meanwhile, YorTakes AnyaThat day, we went to the park. WhileShe wonders if she can be a better parent for her adopted daughter, who is currently playing. A few kidnappers keep an eye on the situation. Anya and YorIn the interim andThey will pay a handsome ransom if she is from a wealthy family. Eden Academy dress. TheyEven more, they are possible to obtain AnyaWhen YorShopping.

Spy x Family Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

HoweverThe assassin is quick and effective in catching them andShe sends a chill down their spines by displaying her exceptional fighting skills. YorWe apologize AnyaYou are not a good mother. HoweverShe doesn’t realize this AnyaIs impressed andEven more inspiring is Yor’s fighting skills andShe confesses that she longs to be like her. LaterThat day, the mother-daughter pair starts practicing together so that AnyaCan become more powerful

Spy x Family Episode 6 Ending: WhatIt is Loid’s PlanB to Get CloserTo Donovan Desmond? How Does Anya Ruin It?

RealizingChances of obtaining a job in the future are high. AnyaAcademic success andOther activities that can lead to honors are not as common. LoidHe comes up with a second, more interesting plan. OnOn the day of induction, students are assigned to different classrooms. He has set it up so that she is selected. Donovan’s son, Damian’s class. HeIt is a joy to hear that Henry Henderson- Who has been supportive of the ForgersDuring the admission process, -is going be in charge her class.

LoidFeels that the situation is ideal AnyaTo become friends DamianSo that she can go to his house and play with him. andThe secret spy can eventually get within reach DonovanThroughout the process. Unfortunately, Anya, despite reading his father’s mind, stays away from DamianAfter learning that he is clearly overconfident, she resigned. and disrespectful. HoweverShe is unknowingly a magnet BeckyCEO’s daughter, Judith BlackbellA major military company.

Spy x Family Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

When HenryShowing students the rest of school. Damian andHis minions begin to bully her. However, Anya recalls her mother’s lesson that she must learn to remain calm andMinor bullying can be ignored by smiling as long as possible WhenShe does exactly what she says, it freaks her bullies. BeckyHer calm demeanor impressed her and maturity. UnfortunatelyThis is a short-term deal. and AnyaFinally, punches DamianWhen she notices that Henryis busy with the rest.

AgainShe exhibits remarkable composure andHe stepped on her and she told lies that she ended causing harm to her classmate Becky’s shoes, andShe was a little too emotional. Her lie works as HenryIt feels like that Anya’s actions were at least elegant and honorable. HoweverLater, he meets her parents. andInforms them that she has been granted one TonitosIt’s almost like a penalty. HenryHe explained that she should have three children, but he was able to keep it to one. ThisThese are the real worries LoidIt is the first day Anya’s school, andat Eden AcademyStudents get thrown out because they are eighteen. Tonitos.

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