StartPlaying Raises $6.5M in Seed Funding

StartPlaying, San FranciscoCA-based provider of an internet platform for finding tabletop role-playing game tables, raised $6.5M in Seed funding.

Theround was led Andreessen Horowitz.

TheCompany plans to use the funds to increase marketing reach to new players, expand its network and industry partnerships, and to hire talent.

LedBy CEO Nate Tucker, StartPlayingIt is an online platform that allows players to find tabletop role playing games and Game MastersAny game system. PlayersYou can find games that fit your schedule, suit your preferences, and inspire you to play. Game MastersYou can make money by selling your own ideas and seats at sessions.

SinceIt was founded in September 2020, StartPlayingMore than 1,000 professionals have hosted over 100,000 games. Game Masters on the platform to earn $2.5M and counting.



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