Surface Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

CreatedBy Veronica West, ‘Surface’ is a psychological thriller series on Apple TV+. ItIt revolves around Sophie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), a young woman struggling with severe amnesia after a suicide attempt. At first glance, her life seems perfect. SheHas a loving husband and great friends andAn affluent lifestyle is part of the ElitesOf San Francisco. ButAs SophieAsks her therapist if she had a perfect life and why she tried ending it. InEpisode 5, titled ‘It ComesIn Waves,’ Sophie’s struggles with her fragmented memory continue. AfterFinding out James (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) has been unfaithful to her as well, SophieFeels less guilty about her affairs. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Surface’ episode 5. SPOILERS BEFORE.

Surface Episode 5 Recap

TheThe episode begins with Sophie and Baden (Stephan James) sitting on the beach. SophieLiving in that house with its inhabitants is not easy. James andIt is becoming increasingly difficult for her to be the perfect wife. BadenIt is a promise that she will not be required to do it long. IfEverything goes according to plan, he’ll arrest James tonight for financial mismanagement. (*5*), at James’ firm, HarrisonHe tells us that he has obtained a loan. This takes the heat off James. However, Baden’s mole gathers all the information he can about James from his office computer, but there isn’t much on it.

After CarolineRecognizes SophieShe was involved in an affair with James, SophieYou will feel a lot more free when you start feeling it. UpHer affair with her was a source of guilt until recently. Baden. NowShe knows this. JamesHe knew his secrets. SophieThey believe it places them on equal footing. (*5*), Baden meets up with his mole but discovers that the latter hasn’t found anything worthwhile in James’ work computer. ThisLeads Badento decide that he will enter Sophie and James’ home while they are not there. When SophieIs at Baden’s apartment, she sees the hallucinogenic pills he has stashed away. RememberingThe doctor at the clinic spoke about their potential use in memory drugs. SophieTake some of these pills.

At home, SophieShe takes control of her own life more and more. SheThe reveals to JamesThat she knew about the affair is a sign that she is freed from his control, it seems. TheyParticipate in an event that has been arranged Caroline’s art gallery, andSoon enough SophieShe starts to show signs that she is under the influence of the hallucinogenics she took from Baden’s home. (*5*), BadenEnter Sophie and James’ home andStarts to collect evidence. Hemanages to get into James’ personal laptop andDiscovers that the other man has kept all financial discrepancies.

UnderThe drug’s effects SophieShe begins to roam the streets, looking for traces of the past. (*5*), both Baden and JamesAfter realizing she is missing, you can become anxious. BadenApproaches with initiative JamesHe believes that he has everything he needs JamesIt’s gone for good. From the “suicide note” that SophieLeaving behind JamesShe knew she was having an affair. This isThe first time these two men meet each other, though they both have been painfully aware of each other’s existence.

Surface Episode 5 Ending: Who Stole the MoneyFrom James’ Firm?

UntilThe very end of the episode 5It is almost certain that JamesAlthough he took $13 million from the company, his malicious intent has always been questioned. HoweverWe learn this in episode 5The money went to the account of Tess CaldwellIt appears that. Sophie’s real name. ThisIt means: SophieWho is responsible for the financial fraud andHe was trying to leave with the money, when the incident occurred on the ship. Baden doesn’t seem to have any idea who TessWhen he shares the information. Sophie, believing that it’s a moniker JamesUsed to stash money away.

Surface Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

TheShip from which SophieAccording to reports, the jumper was headed toward an island with a private airstrip. ItIt appears that SophieWas ready to leave behind everything, even Baden. SheShe had achieved everything she wanted in her life. San Francisco, andIt was now time to go. However, SophieThe scene after the incident is vastly different to the one before. The newer one doesn’t seem to be afraid about learning uncomfortable truths about herself. WhenShe returns home, both Baden and JamesWe are waiting for her. SheWalking past Baden andGoes inside her home with James andEncourages him to tell the truth. AndHe does admit that she was the one who stole the money.

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