Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

The fourth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic sequence ‘Tales of the Walking Dead,’ titled ‘Amy/Dr. Everett,’ follows a naturalist named Dr. Everett, who research the actions and habits of the Homo Mortuus species AKA walkers. As his analysis progresses in the Dead Sector, a selected area with none human settlement, he encounters a lady named Amy, injured and separated from her group. Upon realizing that they want one another’s assist for his or her life forward, the duo units out for a journey along with extreme penalties. The engrossing episode ends with astounding revelations and developments. If you have an interest in its ending, allow us to give you an in depth take a look at the similar! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 4 Recap

‘Amy/Dr. Everett’ begins with Dr. Everett conducting analysis on a number of walkers, together with a selected one named “Specimen 21.” As his analysis progresses, he meets a lady amongst the walkers. Despite the lady’s name for assist, Everett chooses to not rescue her, till Specimen 21 assaults her. Fearing that the lady might kill his analysis topic, Everett rescues her however solely after the lady had damaged the monitoring machine on the naturalist’s analysis topic. The lady introduces herself as Amy and seeks the assist of Everett to search out her group, just for the naturalist to dismiss her.

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Knowing that she’s going to by no means reunite along with her group with out Everett’s assist, Amy goes to his shelter. Everett realizes that Amy is dying slowly since she is consuming toxic seeds for meals. He makes a concoction and feeds her. When Amy will get higher, Everett blames her for interfering along with his analysis and expresses his anger and disappointment relating to shedding monitor of Specimen 21. Amy finds Specimen 21 and lets Everett know that she will lead him to his analysis topic provided that he helps her reunite along with her group. They start their journey collectively to assist one another.

Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 4 Ending: Do Amy and Her Group Die? How?

When Amy lets Everett know that she and her group try to settle in the Dead Sector, he tries his greatest to oppose it. Amy misunderstands the naturalist’s opposition as his contempt in direction of human beings and their domination over nature and different entities like walkers. He even reveals her how a lot flora and fauna have prospered in the area solely as a result of of the lack of human intervention. But in actuality, Everett has been attempting to warn her about the risks that await Amy and her group members in the event that they transfer ahead with inhabiting the Dead Sector.

(*4*)Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

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The Dead Sector is stuffed with giant herds of walkers. All the teams of walkers migrate towards different teams to kind a big herd. Thus, the numbers steadily enhance from tons of to 1000’s and then 1000’s to tens of millions. Even Specimen 21 is attempting to affix a herd that may be a part of one other giant herd. Unfortunately for Amy and her group, the area they need to inhabit is part of the migration route of the walkers. Everett warns Amy that she and her group will die in the event that they settle in the route of the walkers. Amy reunites along with her group to warn them however she fails to avoid wasting them.

Amy and her group die and turn out to be walkers. She might have tried to warn her groupmates however they could not have taken her phrases significantly to maneuver from the area earlier than the arrival of the migrating walkers. Or else, they should have been drained sufficient emigrate on such quick discover and risked their lives by staying in the area. Whatever the cause is, they don’t depart for a safe place and finally die. But it might not be the finish of Amy’s life. In the closing shot of the episode, Everett tries to place a collar and leash on Amy, almost definitely to make her his subsequent analysis topic.

Everett might attempt to research the turned Amy’s actions, actions, and habits to check them along with her traits whereas she was alive. Such an experiment will give Everett readability relating to the modifications that occur in a human being as soon as one will get turned.

Who is Specimen 21? Is He Dead?

Specimen 21 is Everett’s former colleague Dr. Moseley. Everett and Moseley labored collectively in a analysis crew that studied the actions, actions, and habits of walkers. But as a consequence of artistic variations, the group members obtained separated. A hopeless Everett wandered round for 2 years, accepting the inevitable dying. However, after two years, he met Moseley in a ranger station, persevering with the analysis crew’s work on his personal. However, Moseley was affected by most cancers. Before he died, Moseley made Everett promise that he is not going to kill the former as soon as he turns for the latter to check him. Thus, Moseley grew to become Specimen 21.

Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained
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When Moseley selected to endure as a walker quite than die, Everett understood the significance of finding out walkers. Moseley’s sacrifice helped the scientist settle for walkers as a species that’s half of nature. Even although Everett believes that objectivity and lack of emotion ought to dictate scientific tasks and analysis, he’s emotionally related to Specimen 21 and that’s the cause why he units out to search out him regardless of the challenges and risks he has to face. Although he finally ends up discovering Specimen 21, a crocodile bites him. Since a walker won’t be able to rescue himself from a crocodile, Specimen 21 should have died.

The feelings Specimen 21’s dying creates in Everett might make him understand that he’s in spite of everything a human being. Even when he denies the want for human firm, having Moseley/Specimen 21 round as a walker has been Everett’s means of coping with his loneliness. Since he’s attempting to switch Specimen 21 with the turned Amy, he might attempt to discover solace in her firm.

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