The best ways to farm gold in Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy 2This is the long-awaited sequel. inEarly access available for quite some time Developer Cellar Door Gameshas updated the art style and returned mechanics. NewEvery aspect of the product is infused with elements Rogue Legacy 2Most notably, the narrative told through the Citadel’s twisted and randomly generated layouts. One thing hasn’t changed: goldhoarding it as much possible. ThisGuide will break down the bestWay to farmThis is a valuable resource.

TraitsFor gold

The best ways to farm gold in Rogue Legacy 2

AfterThe tutorial level will begin with the introduction. Universal HealthcareUpgrade for the manor This upgrade allows traits toGive us a chance goldBased on the complexity of the trait. TheseThese are just a few of the bestCharacteristics to watch for if you’re looking to farm gold.

  • Charismatic – 15% goldAll shops receive a discount
  • Exploding Casket Syndrome – Gold+50%, but enemies can drop explosives after they die.
  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta – Gold +200%, but you die inOne hit.
  • Pacifier – Gold+150% but -60% HP
  • Vertigo – Gold+75%, but the game is flipped vertically.

TheseUpgrades are great for farming gold. TheyThey are even more impressive when paired with certain manor enhancements.

Manor Gold Upgrades

TheManor can contain several goldUpgrades to -related items toYou can save some money and make more money.

  • Charity Dungeon – Giving Charon goldGrants Stat Bonuses.
  • Massive Vault – Increase Gold Gain. +5% gold gain per rank.
  • Repurposed Mining Shaft – Increases Gold GainCertain Traits. +10% GoldGiven by Trait bonus per rank
  • Scribe’s Office – Increase Living Safe’s Gold Conversion. +4% Gold per rank

Farming Axis Mundi


The Axis Mundiregion is bestArea to farmMany of these are available. gold fast. ThisWhole region offers 20% more goldThis buff stacks well with all others goldUpgrade and trait currently active OnceTo unlock this area, click here to safely farmAs much as goldFor future runs, please keep us informed as soon as possible.

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