The Boys Season 3 Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

The fifth episode of ‘The Boys’ Season 3Blurs the line between heroes andIt gives a dark twist to its characters by being villains WithThe return of Soldier BoyThe situation gets more complicated with age BoysThey must carefully choose their next course of action. TheEvents RussiaAlready they have been divided, so any decision that is made must be well thought out. HoweverIn desperate times, desperate measures are necessary. and ButcherMakes some questionable decisions, all in the name for the greater good. TheThe episode’s ending further drives a wedge between them Boys, andAll the while, HomelanderIt gets even better andMore powerful HereThis is what it all means to the future of the BoysAs well as the Supes.

The Boys Season 3 ‘The Last TimeTo LookOn This WorldOf Lies’ Recap

The BoysReturn to Russia empty-handed. WithThere is no weapon that can kill HomelanderThey are now back at square 1. Meanwhile, Soldier BoyFinds his way back America andInadvertently causes a devastating explosion KnowingHe is back home now, BoysYou must find him immediately to stop him from causing more damage. WhileMM is hesitant at first but finds it better to not do it alone. TheirThey search for the LegendWho used to work at VoughtWhile Soldier BoyIt is still alive. HeTells them that Soldier BoyHe went looking for his girlfriend.

TheDeath of SupersonicIs twisted by VoughtIt was a drug overdose according to the victim. StarlightIt has devastated the country, but there are solutions. Hughie tells her shocks her even more. KnowingThat Soldier BoyIs alive, there is no BCL Red, andThat HughieTemporary V leaves StarlightEven more so. HoweverIt seems that HughieLoves the V-24’s powers. andHe readily accepts it again, even though he had promised Starlight that he wouldn’t.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

At Vought, HomelanderTakes command and Ashleyis named CEO. TheNews about a supervillain is published HomelanderMore worried about shares andImage of the company StarlightShe decides to take matters into her hands, but she discovers that The DeepThe majority of the employees in the company’s crime department were fired. A-TrainIt tries to get Blue Hawkto apologize to those he had deliberately targeted due to his racist tendencies. However, Blue HawkThe situation becomes even more dire, with many people being injured, including A.Train’s brother.

MaeveTalks with ButcherAbout the failure of their mission andHe ends up sleeping with her. Backat Vought, HomelanderHe confronts his wife about conspiring against him. Black Noir attacks her andShe disappears. When StarlightAsks AshleyShe will be depressed if she does not intervene Kimiko recovers from her injuries, but it looks like she doesn’t have powers anymore. NinaVisits Frenchie, claiming that after Russiadebacle, she owes him SheTells him to kill the man andHis daughter, but he refuses to take her with him, she abducts them both.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 5 Ending

The Boys Season 3 Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

As expected, Soldier BoyAt Crimson Countess’s door, and ButcherHe is waiting to be welcomed. BeforeHe roofies MM, who would most certainly oppose his actions. HughieAlthough he has been made aware of the actual plan, things go awry. StarlightShows up. ItIt turns out, ButcherIt was planned to use Soldier BoyThe weapon to kill Homelander. HavingHe was firsthand witness to his power. ButcherThat is what we know Soldier BoyIs the only one strong enough for me to stand against and maybe even kill Homelander. HeHe knows that MM would not approve of it so he decides he will drug him andYou can deal with it later.

When Soldier Boy arrives, ButcherHe tells him that he gift-wrapped it Crimson CountessFor him. InHe wants to return Soldier BoyTo help him kill Homelander. Countesshad been betrayed Soldier Boy andLet us know what you think. RussiansTake him from Nicaragua. Worse, she didn’t even get paid for it. SheIt was out of sheer spite for him. She also tells him that it wasn’t just her. TheThe entire team hated him so they all conspired against him. Soldier BoyKills her right away andHe and ButcherTake your companions with you.


When AnnieShe realizes what is going on and asks HughieThis is not the right path. Soldier BoyThere is nothing better than Homelander, andShe insists that they find a way to deal with him. However, HughieHe has already taken his decision. HeRecognizes StarlightHe loved the power that it brought. CompoundV gave him and he doesn’t want to be the frail andWeak HughieEveryone needs to save. HeHe has created a savior complex all his own andThis is the best way to go.

ClearlyHe has fallen into an abyss. Butcher’s pattern of making morally wrong decisions andThey can be justified by the ends they want. AfterDiscovering Neuman’s secret, he realized that he had always been wrong, thinking that they could win this the right way. ButIt is only fair to try to make things right when the situation is so hostile towards the enemy. This is why he doesn’t show more opposition to Butcher’s use of V-24, neither does he question his decision to ally with Soldier Boy.

ThisIt is very depressing to see his character change. StarlightWho has felt completely alone? SupersonicIs dead MaeveIt is gone andNow HughieThe other path is also different. She doesn’t have anyone she can rely on. WhileWe hope so HughieHe comes to his senses andHe repairs his relationship with StarlightFor now, it seems like the end. NoNo matter what Butcher and HughieThink MM and StarlightThey are right in moral policing. CollaboratingWith Soldier BoyIt might seem like a promising prospect, but it will only lead to trouble in the future. OnlyThe next episode will reveal who proves to be right.

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