The Boys Season 3 Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

With just one episode left to wrap up its third season, ‘The Boys’ unpacks a lot of secrets andThis one is the best. WhileThe show is famous for its twists andSome characters will experience the shock of a life time. ByThere is a shift in loyalty when this episode ends and alliances. TheHeroes are given greater stakes andBoth good and evil andThe ending leads to uncertainty about their future. InIt all comes down to individual choices. andThere are many to be done before the final showdown. HereWe take a look back at the events in the episode andFind out what this means for the last chapter of this season.

The Boys Season 3 “Here ComesA Candle To Light You To Bed” Recap

After StarlightExposed Homelander, VoughtGet to crisis management andThe story is changing Starlight. TheyDefame her by accusing her of working alongside terrorists andRunning a smuggling ring. Despite this, HomelanderHe begins to see that his popularity is on the decline. ButHe still has loyal followers who will believe what he says. He also receives an offer he can’t refuse from Victoria.

Hughie, Butcher, and Soldier BoyFollow these instructions MindstormWho throws? ButcherIn a perpetual nightmare, you are lulled into a deep sleep. WeTake a look at a youngster BillyWith his brother Lenny, andThey are subject to abuse from their father. As BillyWhen he goes through his memories, he realizes he has been bringing about change. HughieIt’s all down to him andHe fears that it might also lead to his untimely death. With ButcherThe nightmare created by Mindstorm, HughieWorks with Soldier BoyTo find the supe. HoweverIt quickly becomes apparent to him that Soldier Boy is more messed up than they’d initially imagined, andYou are also more brutal.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 7 Recap and Ending, ExplainedFrenchie and KimikoReunited with MM and StarlightTo try andDetermine what the thing is RussiansUsed to overpower Soldier Boy. KimikoAsks StarlightGet her CompoundV, so she can regain her powers. At first, StarlightAfter some convincing, she finally agrees to visit the place. Vought Tower. WhileLooking for CompoundV, she finds the notes of scientists in the laboratory andDiscovers that after 3V-24 is fatal for users who consume a maximum of 5 doses. SheAlso, you will meet face-to-face with them HomelanderHowever, her presence of mind prevents her from being killed immediately. HomelanderAlso, meets with MaeveWho is thrilled to learn that the unkillable is possible? SupeHe may have a bump on his face, but he is also afraid.

The DeepHe comes up with a way for him to spice up his sex life. Cassandra. AfterDespite initial hesitation, she decides she will give it a try. However, after an octopus is introduced, she decides she won’t go back. A-TrainHe recovers from the heart attack that almost killed him. Herogasm. ToHis surprise was overwhelming AshleyHe is told by them that they have a new heart for him. Itbelonged to Blue HawkIt makes perfect sense that A-bears it now that he doesn’t have to.TrainShould have it. TheyAlso, you can choose to be responsible Blue Hawk’s death on Soldier Boy.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 7 Ending

The Boys Season 3 Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

With Black NoirWe finally understand why after confronting his past PaybackHated Soldier Boy andHow they managed to get him abducted by The Russians. TurnsFind out more Homelander’s bullying is a lot milder than Soldier Boy’s. Before Nicaragua, Soldier BoyThe rest of the PaybackIn line with them by beating them up. NoirHis anger was especially felt by his daughter. AroundAt the same time, VoughtHad been trying to come up with a fresh idea. SupeHe was stronger than he looked, but could also fly.

With Soldier Boy’s actions proving to be much more trouble than they were worth, Stan EdgarThe green light was given to PaybackThey will exact their revenge Soldier Boy. WhenThe RussiansThey attacked them in NicaraguaThey used it as cover to subdue the leader andHand him over to the enemy But Soldier Boy didn’t leave without incurring some damage. HeDeathly wounded Black NoirHe smoulders half of his face. andHe beat him so hard that a portion of his brain was ripped off his head. This explains why he can’t speak andHe never takes off his mask.


It wasn’t lost on Soldier BoyThat Payback couldn’t have betrayed him if they hadn’t received a go from Vought. HeYou want to know why? and MindstormHe will find the answer. ItThe new is actually better Supe that they’d been readying to replace Soldier BoyHe was his son. They’d used his sperm to make the SupeLater, it was Homelander. ThisSurprises at the revelation Soldier Boy andLeaves Butcher and Hughie wondering if the deal’s off on killing Homelander. ButcherThey also discover that V-24 can kill them if they continue to use it. Despite Annie’s pleas to warn Hughie, he doesn’t. ItWhat does it look like? ButcherIs on a suicide mission now andHe will live to see it through his death. What remains to be seen is if he’ll take Hughie down with him or will the remorse of his brother’s death lead him to save Hughie.

WhatMakes Butcher’s mission more suicidal is the nature of Soldier Boy and Homelander’s relationship. ItHis plan might not work out because of the way Soldier BoyTalks with HomelanderIt appears that he wanted to have a close relationship with his son in the end. ItMirrors also reflect the way HomelanderFeels attached to Ryan, who is the only family he’s got. AfterA huge betrayal andIt seems like captivity is a place where you spend so much time. Soldier BoyHis family might be needed too. IfIt really does turn out that way. BoysTwo seemingly unbeatable options are available SupesIt’s fun to roam around andPerhaps plotting to take over the world. There’s no one who can stop them. UnlessAnother SupeTo fight them, he is brought back from death.

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