The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

InThe sixth episode of ‘The Devil is a Part-Timer!’ or ‘Hataraku Maou-sama!!’ season 2, titled ‘The Hero Helps the Devil Reequip His Workplace,’ Maou andAfter an inexplicable attack by demons who arrived in, his old friend is shocked to see his comrades. JapanFrom the demon realm. TheyThey will need the support of Emi, Chiho, and SuzuneRun the next day Tenni Ooguro’s beachside shop. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘The Devil is a Part-Timer!’ or ‘Hataraku Maou-sama!!’ season 2Episode 6. SPOILERS Ahead!!

The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

After AmaneThis is the myth behind the Mourren YassaThe fog seems to get thicker and thicker as the beach becomes more enclosed. Since Alas RamusEveryone begins to cry and decides to part ways andReturn to your rooms AshiyaNotices aStrange shadow in the darkness, but everyone ignores it isThey rush back to their rooms. ButThey find out later that AmaneTook a trip to the beach andThe return did not occur. As Ashiya, Urushihara, and MaouThey are looking out through their glass window when they see someone walking towards them.

WhenThe mysterious man falls right in front of them. They then go outside to have a closer look andWe are shocked to discover a demon instead. MomentsLater they meet another demon. MaouRecognizes as an old companion named Camio. HoweverThe demons don’t recognize them. TheyAvoid the dangerous conditions, as it could lead to confrontations with aggressors. ButBefore that UrushiharaAfter which he opens his wings CamioFinally, he recognizes him as Lucifer and isIt is thrilling to later discover that MaouThe Demon Lord, isCurrently alive.

TheThe next day Maou andHis two companions find themselves overwhelmed at the sheer number of customers. Amane’s beachside shop. Luckily, Chiho, Suzune, and EmiHelp them, which allows them to share the responsibilities andServe the customers promptly OnceThe shop has now closed. UrushiharaIt has aA brief discussion with Emi. In which he accidentally mentions the previous night’s attack- something EmiKnows very little about. When Maou andHis friends finally find the time to go to the room. Alas RamusSince morning, he has been sleeping.


TheyGet her up andOnce MaouHe ensured they were alone, he introduces Chiho and EmiTo Camio. HoweverAs soon as he opens the package, he will be able to open it. Alas RamusJumps towards CamioSo that she could play with him. HeNaturally, it doesn’t want to be aToy for aYoung girl, so he runs around the room while Alas RamusHe chases him. ButThey are forced into a stop soon afterward. EmiWarns CamioShe would literally kill him if her daughter is accidentally hurt. The frightening warning isPlenty of food to make CamioWho is docile? Alas RamusTo play with him.

The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 Episode 6 Ending: Is Amane InvolvedThe AttackOn Camio And Other Demons?

After MaouHe is fed up with the constant nuisance and has decided to create it. CamioTo Chiho and EmiAs the Demon MinisterWho was involved in the invasion Ente Isla. SatanIt speaks highly of Camio’s negotiation abilities andHe argues that even though he didn’t possess any notable powers that would make him superior to other demons in the kingdom, he managed to rise to prominence. aHis brilliant strategic mind was the key to his success. Chiho and EmiHe was once ignored by those who thought he was not worthy of much attention. Now they realize his importance. Then MaouIntroduces CamioTo Chiho. HoweverWhen? CamioYou can learn more about that Emi and Alas RamusThese are the actual Hero andThe Holy SwordHe isSurprisingly, SatanThey have earned so much trust in them.

The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

Camio’s shock is understandable since Maou and EmiThey are meant to be arch-enemies and not good friends who casually introduce each other. But MaouEven if you don’t believe so, AlsielThey were once their enemy. aSimilar to how he learned to get along Emi now. MaouThe bizarre circumstances of the night before are further explained. Chiho and Emi. HeAlso, he said that he heard aStrange echo from the lighthouse at the same time andPlans to visit there to investigate. However, ChihoHe tells her that she was there with him. EmiThe same morning, so there isThere is nothing unusual there. NowHe has brought everyone together. andHe told his friends about it, and he asked them CamioHis sudden appearance in Japan.

HeAlso, he inquires as to why he was injured. andHe shows him the mysterious blade he kept with him. ButBefore Camiocan give his opinion or provide clarifications. AmaneKnocks on the door, startling everyone MaouQuickly puts CamioIn the box andAsks her to enter. When Amane isGoing back CamioCatchings aA glimpse of her and isThose who were left stunned. HeShe claims that she was the one who carried out the attack on the demons last night andThey were all powerless in front her. AlthoughThe episode ends here. MaouHer face will be later on andAsk for an explanation. Amane would claim to be present during the struggle between (*6*) and Maou’s comrades but only as a bystander. FurthermoreShe will be honest and admit that she only did it out of good intentions and not to inflict any damage.

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