The Staircase: Where Are They Today?

CreatedBy Antonio CamposBased on Jean-Xavier de Lestrade’s 2004 documentary series of the same name, ‘The Staircase’ is a true-crime drama limited production that is as intriguing as it is chaotic. That’s essentially because it’s a retelling of the baffling December2001 Death of Kathleen PetersonThe unpredictable are also part of the mix DurhamThe murder trial of her husband, a novelist Michael. So now, if you wish to learn the current whereabouts of all the prominent, real-life individuals involved in this twisted, long-drawn, infamous matter, don’t worry; we’ve got the details for you.

WhereIt is Michael Peterson Now?

The Staircase: Where Are They Today?

Although Michael PetersonAfter being found guilty in 2003, he was released after serving 89 months. A retrial was granted when it became apparent that a prosecution witness had been lying under oath. HeHe was placed under house arrest in 2011 until he submitted an application. Alford plea to the reduced charge of manslaughter six years later — sentenced to time already served. MichaelHe actually sold the mansion he owned Kathleen – the site of her demise – during this period.

As per a 2019 report, MichaelIt is believed that he is currently residing in an apartment on the ground floor. Durham, North Carolina. It’s undeniable that Michael’s life is drastically different from what it once used to be, butThe 78-year-old convicted felon does have complete freedomThese days. We should mention that the novelist has since self-published two books in an attempt to share his side of the story with the world — ‘Behind the Staircase’ and ‘Beyond the Staircase.’

WhereIt is Clayton Peterson Now?

The Staircase: Where Are They Today?

ByAll accounts, as Michael’s eldest son (from his first wife Patricia “Patty” Sue Peterson), Clayton PetersonHe was innocent, and he believed it. He has a bit of a troubled past of his own, considering the fact he spent four years in federal prison during his young adult years, yet he didn’t even hesitate to stand by his father throughout the legal proceedings. Today though, ClaytonSeems to have established a stable, honest, happy and stable life. MarylandEngineer, loving husband Rebecca “Becky” Peterson, and a loving father to their two young sons. DorianAnd Lucian.

WhereIt is Todd Peterson Now?

The Staircase: Where Are They Today?Todd Peterson, Michael’s second son with PattyFollowing his death, he was the first member of his brood to arrive in the mansion. Kathleen’s demise, and he vehemently backed his father at every step of the way. FromWe can tell that the current residence of the fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur is Chapel Hill, North CarolinaLinkedin account.In profile does suggest he’ll soon be relocating to Miami, Florida. Nevertheless, Todd’s actions over the past two decades have made it clear that the one aspect that’ll never waver is his close bond with his father as well as his siblings (except stepsister Caitlin Atwater).

Where Are MargaretAnd Martha Ratliff Now?

The Staircase: Where Are They Today?
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MargaretAnd Martha RatcliffAs a child, he was Michael’s adopted daughters after the sudden deaths of their parents in the early 1980s. SoYes, they supported him no matter what the circumstances. AsFor their whereabouts MargaretAccording to reports, it is based in Los Angeles, CaliforniaShe is currently employed in the entertainment industry as an actor, assistant director and production manager. OnOn the other hand, it looks as if MarthaAfter experiencing anxiety, she is now focusing her efforts on helping others through her work as a mental counselor. Colorado.

WhereIt is Caitlin Atwater Now?

The Staircase: Where Are They Today?Caitlin Atwater (Kathleen Peterson’s only biological child) switched allegiance within mere weeks of her mother’s death. Thus, now she’s estranged from most people she grew up around. It seemingly doesn’t bother her too much, though, especially as she has her maternal aunts as well as a family of her own in VirginiaThe loving husband and adorable set of twins are the couple. Moreover, Caitlin has her mother’s memories/values instilled in her, which sheIt is trying her best to pass on to her children. “I’m trying to give that to my kids. It’s crazy sometimes, but there is so much of me channeling her,” Caitlin admitted.

Where is Candace Zamperini Now?

The Staircase: Where Are They Today?
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Both Candace ZamperiniAnd Lori Campbell (Kathleen’s sisters) came to the opinion that MichaelHer death was almost inevitable, but the former was undoubtedly more vocal. InIn fact, she testified at his trial and also gave an emotional victim impact statement. MichaelFinally, an AlfordYou should plead before you even attempt to move on for good.

“This hearing today is as close to justice as anything that I think can be found,” Candace said. She further added, “Not perfect justice, but justice.” ThereforeWe know that she is in her 60s. CandaceCurrently, it is located in Alexandria, Virginia, where she prefers not to be seen by the public.

WhereIt is Bill Peterson Now?

The Staircase: Where Are They Today?William “Bill” PetersonIt is Michael’s brother and the individual responsible for essentially forming his entire legal team — a job he was well-qualified to do, considering he’s an attorney himself. He couldn’t be a part of the official defense counsel, but he rarely missed out on any preparation meetings, brainstorming sessions, or court hearings because he genuinely supported his brother. HoweverSince then, BillHe returned to his family in Reno, NevadaTo focus on his personal as well as professional endeavors. HeCurrently, I am a practicing partner in a local full-service firm.

WhereIt is David Rudolf Now?

The Staircase: Where Are They Today?

Michael’s primary attorney David Rudolf has literally moved on with his life since the case cameTo a close — he relocated from North Carolina to Toronto, CanadaFor a better family environment in 2021, click here With that said, even though he’s working for a company named Brauti ThorningLLP in the north country DavidIt seems that he is still associated with his private, local, law firm. Rudolf Widenhouse.

As if that’s not enough, DavidIn addition, there is an art gallery. CharlotteWith his wife Sonya Pfeiffer and recently published a non-fictional book entitled ‘American Injustice: Inside StoriesFrom the UnderbellyThe Criminal Justice System.’ The couple also hosts a criminal justice podcast titled ‘AbuseThis is Power.’

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